Read My Fingertips

Read My Fingertips

All makeup is message. It reflects who you are and how you feel. Thanks to their literal arm’s length from your face, nails are prime real estate for truly uninhibited communication. Talk with your hands to say what you mean.



Like red lipstick, red nail polish is at once a bold move and a timeless classic. It’s eye-catching yet not unexpected. Everyday appeal takes on more energy, power, and passion in crimson. It’s you in your prime.



Hello, good mood! Energizing yellow nail polish is indicative of—or hopeful for—happiness. It’s the color of sunshine and bananas. What’s not to love? Let your nails do the smiling for you.



Blue nail polish is a mixed bag—and it’s OK if your mood is too! Across shades, blue ranges from energizing to calming, sad to strong, serious to dreamy. Find freedom in its expansiveness, like in the wide-open sky.



Black nail polish might give your inner angsty teenager a kick, but it’s elevated far beyond a flirtation with dressing goth. Black is French New Wave, a Chanel bag, strong coffee—or whatever slightly unattainable marker of coolness you refuse to be intimidated by.



There’s a reason white t-shirts are so enduring. White nail polish is likewise a straight shot to looking effortlessly put together, regardless of what’s really going on. It’s a bright, clean blank. Say everything and nothing with this colorless color.