Top 10 Plié Wand Pro Tips

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment

How do you Plié?

Today we’re sharing our ten most useful tips for getting the most out of your new BFF in at-home manicures. From troubleshooting to traveling, these ten handy tips from our in-house Julep experts and brilliant Mavens will help you take your relationship with your Plié Wand™ to the next level.


1. Apply light pressure when attaching the magnetic overcap.

It takes very little pressure to attach the Plié Wand magnetic overcap to the undercap on your nail polish bottle. Press down gently on the overcap to put it in place, and then give it a little tug upward to make sure it’s secure.

2. If your overcap does get stuck, try wiggling it back and forth.

Dislodge the overcap from the undercap by “walking” it up rather than pulling straight up.

3. Try this clever method for swapping your Plié Wand overcaps.

One of our Mavens on Reddit posted this method for removing the Plié Wand overcap: Stick the tail end of your Plié Wand through the hole in the magnetic overcap, and then push down to separate the overcap from the undercap. “This is helpful when your nails are still wet, and you don’t want to mess them up,” she says. See her step-by-step photos here. Thanks for the handy trick, Sam!

4. Detach the Plié Wand when resting in between nail polish coats.

The same thing that makes the Plié Wand so comfortable to hold—the weighted ergonomic handle—means that it can fall over if left attached on top of your nail polish bottle. The easiest way to avoid this issue is to detach the top portion of the wand from the magnetic overcap in between coats.

5. Remove polish from your Plié Wand brushes with nail polish remover.

Dip the brush into a small container of nail polish remover and wipe it clean with a paper towel. This applies to both the precision brush and striping brush.

6. Polish on the plastic? Just peel it off!

Do not use nail polish remover on any plastic parts of your Plié Wand. Once the polish has dried, you can peel or chip it off any of the plastic parts of your Plié Wand. This also works well after using your dotting tool from the Creativity Kit.

7. Want to Plié on the go? Try this awesome storage solution!

Our PR Specialist Natasha travels a lot for her job, and shares this tip for taking the Plié Wand along for the ride: Put it inside your Well-Manicured Kit!


“I pop off the cap and keep it attached to the wand, and then use the spot where the clippers are normally stored (since I only travel with nippers and pushers and don’t typically need clippers),” says Natasha. She then zips in her base coat, top coat, nail polish color, and a couple packets of nail polish remover, and voila! Now she has a fully equipped manicure kit that fits inside her purse or carry-on.

8. It’s not just for manicures!

The elongated handle of the Plié Wand makes it a real DIY pedicure game-changer, because you can reach your toes without leaning over too far or losing any precision.

9. A little prep in the beginning could save you from a smudge later.

A savvy Maven shared this tip with us on Facebook, and we’ve been using it ever since: If you’re going to use multiple colors for your mani, pull off the top caps on all of them first, so you don’t have to try to wiggle off the caps with wet, half-polished nails and risk smudging the work you’ve already done! You can even go the extra mile and top off each color with a magnetic overcap before you begin, so all you have to do is detach and attach the Plié Wand between colors.

10. Try out those in-between angles.

As you’ve probably noticed, the Plié Wand is designed to lock into place in two positions: straight up and down like a pen, and bent at a just-over-90-degree angle. But the wand will also stay in place at any angle in between—allowing you to create the exact bend that works best for you.

Have a handy tip or savvy trick that you use when polishing with your Plié Wand? Tell us in the comments—you might just end up on Part 2 of this list!