Game of Tones

by Sophie | 0 comments

If you know us, you know we love color. We’re Julep. “Color” is our middle name.

Some days we like lavender lipstick or blue mascara or Barbie-pink nails. But, what about those days when purple eyeliner seems overwhelming, but a swipe of mascara and some gloss isn’t quite enough?

Insert earth tones. We developed three beautifully subtle looks for those in-between days using earthy hues for eyes, lips, and nails. Not too crazy; not too bare, but just right. Goldilocks would definitely approve.

Thanks to our beautifully-tressed friend Morgan for modeling. And thanks to the warmth in these looks, we’re feeling more down-to-earth already.

Look 1: Forest Green Eyes

  1. Prime. Lookin’ good already, sister!
  2. Apply Olive Shimmer Eyeshadow 101 to the upper lid, following closely along the lash line, but don’t worry about being too perfect. Do the same to the lower lid.
  3. Swipe Warm Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow 101 over the upper lid, blending the two shades together with your ring finger or the smudger on one end of your shadow stick.
  4. Trace Olive When Pencil Met Gel along the upper lash from inner to outer corner, and along the bottom from the outer corner and stopping below the pupil.
  5. Swipe of Golden Guava Skip the Brush on each cheek.
  6. Dab Apricot Nude It’s Balm to lips to finish.


Look 2: Monochromatic Apricot

  1. Blend Bronze Shimmer Eyeshadow 101 across the upper lid.
  2. Swipe Bronze Shimmer Eye Glider along the upper lash line, blending into the shadow before the creme sets to powder.
  3. Brush Terra Orbital Eyeshadow onto the Bronze Shimmer base, blending up past the crease but stopping before the brow bone.
  4. Apply Medium Tan Pore Minimizing Bronzer to right below the cheek bone in a wide c-shape, and Glow Highlighting Powder to apples, bridge of nose, and temples.
  5. Seal the deal with a swipe of Shimmy Light on Your Lips.

Look 3: Neutral Ombre Nails

  1. Apply to the thumb of each hand: Rooney (Boho Glam).
  2. Apply to the pointer of each hand: Whitney (Boho Glam).
  3. Apply to the middle finger of each hand: Alaina (Classic With a Twist).
  4. Apply to the ring finger of each hand: Florence (Classic With a Twist).
  5. Apply to the pinky of each hand: Vanna (Bombshell).

How do you like to rock your neutrals? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us up in the comments section below.