Ink Gel Eyeliner: The Line Starts Here

by Maria McNamara | 2 Comments


Julep eyeliner looks

Friends, I ask you: Is there anything more glamorous than flawlessly executed jet-black eyeliner? And is there anything more wonderful than an easy-to-use eyeliner formula that doesn’t stray from your lashline?


Ink Gel Eyeliner & Angled Liner Brush

Meet Ink Gel Eyeliner—a silky long-wear liner enriched with soothing botanical extracts and Julep’s proprietary, age-defying Power Cell Complex™. The creamy formula is packed with encapsulated pigments that deliver smooth, intense black lines. Use our Angled Liner Brush to create all kinds of eye effects—the slanted bristles make it easy to deposit color close to your lash line.

Which looks will you try?

  • ThinkThisTime

    Do you need to purchase the brush seperately? Or does it come with it?

  • Zadidoll

    When was this discontinued? I just pulled mine out of it’s box and it’s full of mold or fungus!