How to Shower the Right Way & Get Your Softest Skin Ever

by Jane Park | 10 Comments

When it comes to showering, Americans have it all wrong. Most of us still use sulfate-laden suds that strip away what little moisture may remain on the armour of crusty dead skin we carry around.

I’m here to tell you that what we do need is to EXFOLIATE! Instead of rubbing skin-drying soap on top of dead skin, what we really should be doing is removing that layer, then hydrating and protecting the skin beneath.

Here are the three key body care steps that are the secret to beach-ready skin:


Slough off the top layer of dull, dead skin through thorough exfoliation. I like to double exfoliate: first with a dry loofah before I turn on the shower, then with a body polish in the shower.


Nourish those young skin cells that you just revealed by applying a paraben-free moisturizer like our new Bare Body Milk. Freshly exfoliated skin actually absorbs and retains more moisture, so your skin will be radiant with health.


Before you leave for the day, make sure your newly beautiful skin is protected from the sun by slathering on the SPF.

Why clean old, scaly skin when you can reveal the softer, smoother skin beneath?

I’m sure I see the purpose of a shower differently because of my Korean heritage. (Gross factor alert! Turn away now if you’re squeamish.) When I was a little girl, my mom used to scrub me with a Korean exfoliating mitt until what used to be my skin formed a layer so thick on top of the bath water that you couldn’t see through it.

At a Korean bath house, you walk out a pound lighter—and you can see the pile of skin you left behind. If you can’t see it, you’re just not exfoliating enough.

It’s my life’s mission to liberate women who are buried beneath dead, dull skin. Reveal your hidden summer glow, ladies. Step out and exfoliate!