How to give yourself the BEST Manicure

by Jane Park | 8 Comments

Jane shares her secrets and tricks of the trade so that YOU can get the same long lasting manicure that we offer in our parlors.

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Step 1: Have the right tools ready
Step 2: Moisturizing your hands
Step 3: Clean your nails with polish remover
Step 4: File your nails
Step 5: Apply base coat
Step 6: Choose your color and apply two coats
Step 7: Apply top coat


  • Jeannie

    This is a great tutorial! Everything was so well explained, not only the how-to but also the reasons behind why it’s better to do certain things.

    I really liked the tip of applying the coats to the free edge as well. I hadn’t heard of that before, but it makes sense once explained. The tip regarding cleaning up the edges with the orange stick was also helpful. I can’t wait to try these on my next mani!

  • shelia

    Love the colors and good tips. Your web Paige want let me order

  • Faye Holt

    Your page would not let me order using the free box code promo…Can you help with that please?Thanks…I paid already because I wanted to join….

    • Emily

      Hi Faye!

      Sorry for the trouble. Please call customer service at

      or send an email to

      Hope this helps!

  • Renee

    I have problems with polish adhering to my nails, it peels off in a whole strip right after it dryer. Even acrylic doesn’t adhere long, they pop off in a couple of days. I need help????

    • Emily

      Wow! That’s a unique scenario…. I’m going to run it by our Product Development team and see if they’ve heard of any solutions. Stay tuned, Renee!

    • Whitney

      I was having that problem too, I then found a rubberized base coat and it does not happen any more. I bought Essie first base.

  • Angelica Watkins

    Due to my health issues and body chemistry I had the same problem until I bought a cheap gel dryer and a fast seal dryer. I wish julep would bring back some form of their nail drying drops because I would not have to hunt different products to find one to work for me. I also put the SPF 30 cream from julep on my hands avoiding the nails before I put them in the dryer to protect my hands. Sorry if I did not name the products correctly maybe a staff could help me my brain is a little fried right now returning from a very long trip almost cross country.