Introducing The Color Trend Report

by Emily R | 0 comments

Each month after the Maven window closes, we pore over data to determine which colors were loved the most.  We do this for our own good—charting out our most popular colors is a big source of inspiration for future color decisions.

Also, it’s super interesting to see how different regions perform. For example, Texas LOVES to surprise us with dynamic shifts across Style Profiles.  We see the boldest color choices year round in the geographic middle of the USA. There’s a lot of love for white polish when it’s c-c-c-cold outside. We could go on and on—there are tons of cool, quirky facts.

A moment of revelation

And then it hit us. We chart this stuff every month, and we love looking at & talking about it. Why aren’t we sharing it with the color fanatics who make it possible?

So, Mavens and beauty enthusiasts, we’re excited to introduce The Color Trend Report. A fun, informative breakdown of who’s wearing what, and where. We’ll put one up each month about a week after the Maven window closes. Enjoy!



The Color Trend Report is currently a work in progress. Please let us know what you think, and what you’d love to see each month—in the comments!