Julep + BRIKA’s Shana Frase

by Sierra C | 2 Comments

For this month’s super fab Pool Party Mystery Box, we collaborated (just like we did last year!) with BRIKA artist Shana Frase to create the perfect makeup bag for you to tote along this summer. Whether you’re headed to the pool, a beachfront resort, or just to work (though we’d definitely prefer the resort), this sweet “Makeup The Rules” bag is the perfect size to fit everything you need.

BRIKA bag image 1

How fun is this Makeup The Rules bag?

And since BRIKA is extra awesome and loves our Mavens *so* much, this month they’re offering an extra 20% off everything on their website. How fun is that? Head to BRIKA’s site now and enter code JULEPRULES20 at checkout. Valid now through 6/30!

Shana Frase turns everyday objects into unique and vivid works of art from her Los Angeles studio. Her sketches and paintings are turned into cards, scarves, even wrapping paper, and we can’t get enough of her dreamy technicolor take on the world. Her subjects range from intricate to abstract, but they’re all made with the same attention and care.

“Recent pieces are completely different in style. I’ve really gotten into capturing reflective surfaces–metallic, pearlescent, holographic. I’m also working abstractly and on a much larger scale on both paper and panel. One requires control and discipline of the brush; the other–completely letting go,” she says.


BRIKA artist Shana Frase showing some love

Partnering with Shana Frase was a no brainer for us, since her exquisite watercolors are lovely and dreamy, and she finds her inspiration in beauty and color. (Just like we do!)

BRIKA bag image 2

Shana’s dreamy, sweet, beautiful donuts.

“For those who’ve seen my work, my home, my wardrobe–[they] know how much I love color. I don’t hold back with color. My palette is the full spectrum of the color wheel,” she says.

BRIKA bag image 2

We’re all aflutter with her gorgeous, vivid watercolors!

So, why a rule-busting motto on a makeup bag?

“I love makeup,” Frase says. “I love the act of making up. I don’t wear makeup to the studio, but I always have a soft red lipstick, a sheer balm or gloss, a compact of translucent powder, a bit of blush, and gold bobby pins in my bag.” It sounds like she designed the bag with more than a little bit of herself in mind! (And us, considering how much we also love making our own rules when it comes to makeup…)

artist image 2

Shane Frase makes up her own rules, too. (Photo Credit: Allison Michael Orenstein)

Even if she doesn’t want to cart around all of those products, what favorite beauty products can’t she live without?

“I’d have to say an eyelash curler and a great mascara. It’s a 3-way tie between mascara, the right concealer, and the perfect red lip.” Oh, the perfect red lip. (Don’t worry, Shana. We’ve got plenty of reds to delight a color-crazy artist.)

BRIKA bag image 2

Get our Pool Party Mystery Box + BRIKA bag before it’s gone!

Now that we’re pretty sure you’re feeling inspired by our amazing collaboration and can’t wait to get your hands on your very own “Makeup The Rules” bag, head over to Julep.com to get it before it sells out!

(Or cruise over to BRIKA for your exclusive 20% off [through June 30] and shop more of Shana’s fabulous artwork! Just enter code JULEPRULES20 at checkout.)

Well? What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to make up your own rules!

  • Donna Smith McGuinness

    You are my sister from another mother! I am an artist, as well. I love your art! I love your makeup non rules! You’re My inspiration! Mine is to write and illustrate a most unusual book from everyday living. As an older woman full of life, I wonder which day I will grow up and be the ‘mature over 50’ that my family wants me to be?! NEVER! I get yelled at by my family ‘stop wearing makeup to bed, I mean Donna, it’s not the “correct” thing to do!’ Yeah…well, I’m not the correct sister, mother or daughter one may enjoy if you’re so proper!! 😂😂😂 So that being said…I wish for many things I cannot have, but I always remember ‘Grandma Moses’ was not famous until she was in her ’90’s…I’m not waiting that long, but it’s the only analogy I could think of! I want this bag & a spoonful of your talent added to mine..Lets get made up together!

  • Rose

    The online community was expecting a lip oil with this Mystery Box. Please don’t associate desirable new products with Mystery Bags if they are not going to be in them (as per the promotional photo).
    Yes, we all read the description of the bag contents, but it was generally expected that we would get a lip oil in the package. Many Julep fans were very, very disappointed when they received another Luxe Up Your Lips (most people don’t like this product because it has serious formulation issues, and can be gross to use).