Julep Insider: Layla Luciano

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Layla Luciano is a celebrity trainer and group fitness instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and SLT (Strengthen -Lengthen -Tone) where she creates all of her own unique routines. Layla also teaches some of her signature kickboxing classes at various locations throughout NYC.With over 19 years of martial arts training and a third degree black belt in karate, Layla Luciano is known for her high-intensity, exhilarating workouts in both her group fitness classes and with her personal clients. “You just want to be around her, and catch some of her fairy dust, because this woman is a total rockstar. Since I’ve started going to her classes regularly I’ve seen major changes in my body and mindset about what I’m capable of and I owe it to Layla,” says one of her clients. Layla strives to give her students the strength and energy to be the best version of themselves and the love to improve their mind, body and spirit. Her teaching style is hardcore, no nonsense yet sassy, fun and full of energy. Layla is dedicated to teaching good form and making every second, every run, every sprint and every move count!

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Get to know Layla:

  1. Favorite Julep color and or Product?  Color of the moment is Margaret!
  2. What are 3 items that you can’t live without? Coconut oil, Khiels blue astringent and my secret mix of Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe salt spray and Luster’s Pink hair lotion for perfect curls!
  3. What are your beauty must haves? Sweating and always being a the go all day my two beauty must haves are my Revlon super lustrous lipstick in teak rose and some fierce lashes! I’m obsessed with getting my lashes done at Blinglash (no mascara necessary…I woke up like this :P).
  4. Top 3 most worn items in your closet? Of course Lululemon sports bras (it’s my job!) My Vince Camuto gold gladiator sandals make any casual outfit a little more dressy and sexy. Any of my Charlie by mz bikinis!
  5. Tea or coffee? What is your go-to Starbucks order? I don’t drink coffee…If I did I would be bouncing off the walls…oh wait, I already do that! When too much teaching wears on my voice, I drink ginger lemon tea with extra lemon and honey. I do love me some Trader Joes Mango Black Tea.
  6. Favorite vacation destination? Anywhere in the Caribbean! Sun, beach and culture!