Julep Plié Wand: Our Best Idea Yet!

by Jane Park | 4 Comments

The Julep Plié Wand is a whole new (and better) way to polish your nails.

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to share the most innovative new product we’ll launch this year – the Julep Plié Wand.

When you talk, we listen…and one thing we hear all the time is “I’m so bad at polishing my nails.” But trust me, it’s not you, it’s just that you just don’t have the right tool! Now, the Plié Wand is going to change how you polish your nails.

We worked with some of the world’s leading design experts (AND some very insightful Mavens) to create an ergonomically designed tool that will give you better control and more accuracy, especially when polishing with your non-dominant hand.  With the Plié Wand, you’ll spend less time fixing mistakes and more time enjoying your manicure.  See why we are so excited.

[youtube value=”g1bFXXgn9uI”]

Because we trust and value your feedback so much, we’ve decided to turn the next step over to you. While we’ve been able to produce a limited run of Plié Wands for May Maven Boxes, we need your help to make more.  By reserving your Plié Wand today, you’ll be showing your support for this innovation….so EVERYONE can get her hands on one.

You can learn more and reserve your Plié Wand today at: http://bit.ly/1evamft.  And please don’t forget to drop me a line at JaneMaven@julep.com and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much, and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Thank you so much for the overwhelming response, below are answers to the questions I have seen: 

1) What does this mean for my existing polish collection?

We know that many of you have extensive Julep collections (as we do!). All new Plié caps (and brushes) will fit on all your existing Julep nail color bottles. Also, the new Plié-compatible caps will be available for purchase (at fantastic Maven prices) closer to the Plié Wand release date.

2) Why is the cap design changing?

This change stems from lots of careful consideration and research. First and foremost, we wanted to find a way to give DIY manicurists more accuracy, control, and fun. Working with IDEO, an award-winning design and innovation firm, we explored 230 prototypes until we found one that addressed our primary polishing pain points. While the new cap is designed with the Plié system in mind, we’re aware that not everyone who purchases Julep polish will have a Plié Wand. So it was extremely important to us to ensure that the new cap would not take away from your current polishing experience. The difference in cap length is minimal, and should actually improve your grip.

3) What happens to the Swatch Me sticker?

Because of the Plié system’s magnetic cap, the Swatch Me stickers will no longer be located on the top of our Julep caps. But there are certainly other options for placing those stickers so feel free to get creative!

4) Why crowdfund?

Our reason for crowdfunding is two-fold. First, we’re all about “social” innovation at Julep. In fact, we brought in real Mavens on day 2 to test some of our initial prototypes for the Plié Wand. Now, crowdfunding is a great way to get a sense of support for this new idea as we decide a) whether to do a larger production run and b) how large that run should be.

Secondly, we’re so excited about this innovation that we want EVERY woman who polishes her nails to have one. But we are still a small start-up and the money we raise through crowdfunding will certainly help us reach that goal.

5) If I don’t pre-order, will I still be able get it in my May Maven Box?

We’ve been thrilled with the initial response to our crowdfunding effort and fully expect that all Mavens will have the option to get a Plié Wand in May. Reserve yours today so you will be one of the first to receive it when available.

6) Can Mavens choose a different crowdfunding option?

The only crowdfunding option that counts against your May Maven Box charge is Just for Mavens. However, you’re more than welcome to choose one of the other options (there are some fun choices there!) …FYI, the dotter and striper will be available as add-ons in May at great Maven pricing.

7) How has the Plié System been designed to improve accuracy and control?

We worked with some of the best product designers in the world (the amazing team at IDEO) to create the Plié Wand. We considered not just the leverage and control offered by the weighted, extended handed but also the length of the polish brush stem and the shape and texture of the cap grip. A funny story is that the bend of the Plié was actually inspired by a burly tattooed designer who’d never polished his nails in his life. Confused when he saw us contorting to polish, he suggested that we make the tool bend instead of our hands and wrists. Brilliant!

  • I would like more skin products than nail products in my monthly purchase.. I have shellaced nails and really don’t do my own.. colors are beautiful but I usually give to friends and relatives nd encourage them to sign up.. is it possible to temporarily unsubscribe from the monthly products and just oder ocassionally

    • Sabrina Oleson

      If you signed up before Dec 18th, you can skip, otherwise you have to wait MONTHS to skip! They announced this mid January, should have announced prior to the cutoff or changed the cutoff! One of the boxes usually has skin care or nail care products, otherwise, skip if you can. I have heard that their makeup products are not that great, can always try a skincare sub box.

  • Tiffany Long-Wickware

    I Love all the exotic and Gorgeous colors of Nail Polish.

  • stacey

    The make up products I have received from Julep have been great so far. Last month’s blush is wonderful for the summertime and the eye liner, brown, never runs. Everyone has certain expectations of products they purchase so we may not always be happy. If you don’t like it you don’t have to get it again, or in our case, just skip the month. As for me, I look forward to my boxes!