Julep Staff Picks: Our Favorite Pedicure Colors

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

Since it’s officially sandal season and earlier this week we shared our tips for how to get a perfect at-home pedicure, for this month’s Julep Staff Picks, we posed an all-important question to the ladies of the office: what’s your favorite pedicure color and why?

Check out some of our top shades for toes below (reds and pinks are the clear favorites around here!) and tell us which colors you love in the comments!


“My favorite is Gunta. It has a sophisticated feel and looks great with almost everything, especially with peep toe shoes and sandals.” – Muazma, Senior Data Architect

“My favorite pedicure color is Myriam, always a classic red for my toes. Looks great with my peep toe heels or sandals for the sand. My go to in a hurry pedicure color is Oscar. Compliments for days over shiny sparkling toes. The other great thing about glitter is it dries quickly and easy to cover up chips, so my toes are ready anytime. Always have a bottle in my beach bag, never know when I am going to need a quick touchup. (I’m an optimistic Seattleite with a beach bag ready.)” – Mary, Customer Support

“During the sunny months, bright orangey-pink colors such as Georgia and Madison look the best on my toes! They seem to magically match all my open toed shoes and help to make my feet appear tanner than they actually are!”  – Katie, Product Development Coordinator

Eva looks good on everyone!” – Kari, PR Consultant

Myriam — fun, bright tomato red!” – Michele, VP of Product Development

“My favorite pedicure color is Sienna. It’s different and looks good whether I have a tan or not!” – Jenn, Project Manager

“Right now it’s Aphrodite—too often I’m afraid to go big/bold/shiny on my nails in the office so my toes say what my fingers can’t. For spring, that statement is, ‘I wish I was in Greece.'” – Sabrina, Customer Support

Billie Jean—I like to paint my nails the funkier colors other might be hesitant to, especially my toes, so Billie Jean is my favorite. Billie Jean is great because it’s vibrant, eye-catching, and most importantly, unexpected when seen peeping out of your sandals or open-toed shoes next to all the reds and pinks. Purple is one of my favorite colors and the brightness also helps bring out the tan in your skin.” – Helen, Customer Support

“I love using Tracy for my summer pedis not only because the color is gorgeous, but the texture and sparkle give my toes a unique look to show off in my sandals.” – Zoe, Parlor Support Coordinator

Malia (in the Resort Collection) on my toenails + sand in between my toes + a margarita = my perfect idea of a pedicure scenario.” – Natasha, PR Manager

“I love pinks and corals on my toes, it makes for the perfect girly accent all year long. My favorite pedi shade right now is Harriet from the March Collection, but my all time favorite pedi shade is Eva.”– Kate, Social Community Manager

Myriam from our March collection is my go-to pedi shade. She’s the ultimate tomato red pop of color that’s classic enough to wear year round. Goodbye boots, hello sandals!” – Nicole, Product Development Manager

Raegan is my go-to pink for pedis—it’s super bright and especially perfect for summer. Right now, though, I’m 100% into Phoebe from April’s Vivid Collection—I cannot get enough of this metallic green… it has so much pop, ladies have stopped me on the streets to ask what shade it is and where they can get it.” – Lissa, Executive Assistant

Anita from the Resort Collection. No matter the time of year it works perfectly for a fun pedi! Whether it be with strappy heels or flip flops, I love the pop of color from this unique shade!” – Sarah, Product Development Intern

Myriam, because it’s eye catching and classic!” – Elaine, Customer Support

So many votes for Myriam! Have you gotten your hands (and feet) on this beauty yet? You heard it here first: She’s a spring pedi staple.

Personally, my favorite pedi color has to be Avery. It’s the perfect hot pink shade: bright but not blinding, and feminine but not overly so. And it miraculously manages to flatter even my pale Irish skin tone!

What about you? Share your favorite pedicure colors in the comments!