The June 2014 Nail Polish Color Report

by Meghan Carlson | 4 Comments

It’s time again to take a peek at this month’s Color Report, your inside glimpse at which nail polish shades are trending around the country.

Take a look at which shades ruled supreme, and find out how you stacked up to other women in your neck of the woods:


The Three Wishes Collection included three clear favorites with our Mavens around the country, with enchanted berry Ariana (Classic with a Twist) leading the way, plus blue-grey Bergen (Classic with a Twist) and poetic violet Colette (Bombshell) making themselves known in pockets across the nation.

This month we’re also introducing The City Tracker, highlighting the most-coveted colors in the seven U.S. cities with the most Mavens. Where does your city rank among these savvy taste-makers? Let’s see!


We should all take note that the Mavens in America’s two fashion capitals—New York and Los Angeles—gravitated toward laid-back, steely blue Bergen for summer, with our chic San Franciscan Mavens following suit. It must be all that inspirational fog in the Bay.

The French influence is alive and well in The Big Easy, where our Mavens made Colette their couleur à la mode. Meanwhile, like most of America, the glamourous gals of Chicago and Philadelphia were understandably dazzled by Ariana.

And, in the live music capital of the world, Austin, our Mavens embraced their city’s reputation for “keeping it weird” by going against the grain and picking Harlow (Boho Glam), our golden dragonfly iridescent chrome, as their top choice. You go, Austin.

Did your June Maven choices align with your neighbors, or are you a free spirit like those Harlow-loving ladies in Austin? Tell us in the comments.