Our Kajal Eye Glider will change your life (or at least your makeup routine)

by Maria McNamara | 18 Comments



eye glider

Everyone in our office is pretty excited about our new Kajal Eye Glider, and it’s easy to see why. Debuting in October Maven Boxes, this versatile pencil features two richly pigmented, super-blendable colors that make it easy to create a variety of gorgeous eye looks. Plus, it comes with an amazing round-tip sharpener. And because of its soft texture and opthamologist-tested formula, it’s ideal for tightlining and waterlining. Not sure what that means? Don’t stress—I’m here to break it down for you.

Here’s a helpful diagram to get us started.



Typically, eyeliner is applied to the upper and lower lash lines. When you tightline, you’re filling in the tiny gaps between your eyelashes so they appear fuller and more numerous.

Note that tightlining is not the same thing as lining your upper waterline. In fact, it’s best to avoid lining your upper waterline because the eyeliner will get messy as soon as you blink. But a little eyeliner on the lower waterline can really help to enhance your overall look.

Our favorite hair & makeup stylist, the amazingly talented Lindsey, came by the Julep office to demonstrate these lining techniques on our own Natasha.









1. Sharpen your pencil
Super-sharp pencil tips have a tendency to snap off right away. Also, it’s scary to put really sharp things near your eye. Fortunately, the sharpener that comes with our Kajal Eye Glider creates a nice rounded point.

warm your pencil








2. Warm up your pencil
Rub it on your hand to make the soft formula even softer.









3. Tightline
This is a great place to give a general disclaimer: you should always be really, really careful when you’re putting things near your eye. Don’t attempt to tightline while driving or after three glasses of wine.

Use your non-dominant hand to gently pull your eyelashes up. Color in between your lashes, as close to the roots as possible.









4.  Admire this subtle yet gorgeous look.
Makes a difference, no?









5. Waterline
This one’s pretty easy. Just take your pencil and color in the lower inner rim of your eye.  If you’re going for a super-sultry effect, line all the way to your tear duct. For a less dramatic look, stop halfway across.

set with eyeshadow








6. Set your waterline with eyeshadow
This is an optional step, but it will help your liner stay put all day. Just dip your brush in some dark eyeshadow and gently dab it over your waterline.

finished look








7. And you’re done!
Looking good.

Lindsey also showed us how to create some gorgeous go-to eye looks.

Everyday look








Everyday Glow
1. Apply peach eyeshadow to your top eyelid
2. Dab pearl shimmer eyeshadow (or your favorite highlighter) on the inner corner of your eye
3. Tightline & waterline using the brown side of your Kajal Eye Glider
4. Curl your top lashes
5. Apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes

Look 2








Date Night
1. Dust your upper eyelid and under your lashline with taupe matte shadow
2. Darken the crease of your eye with grey matte shadow
3. Tightline & waterline using the black side of your Kajal Eye Glider
4. Line your upper lash line, then use a brush or Q-tip to smudge it slightly
5. Curl your top lashes
6. Apply several coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes


Look 3








Go Big or Go Home
1. Tightline & waterline using the black side of your Kajal Eye Glider
2. Draw a thick black line across your upper lash line, then use a brush to blend it upwards over the entire lid, stopping just short of the crease in your eye
3. Darken the crease with black eyeshadow, then layer a lighter grey eyeshadow over it and blend well
4. Dab taupe shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye and under the lower lash line
5. Curl your top lashes
6. Apply several coats of black mascara
7. Apply false eyelashes (we recommend holding the center of the lash band with tweezers)

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