Kitty Cat Nails with Special Guest — Ashley

by Emily R | 6 Comments

Introducing Ashley, a Maven who inspires us.


It began with frequent, mind-blowing Nail of the Day submissions (send us yours! The ladies in Julep Social receive heaps of NOTD pictures every day, but whenever Ashley turned one in, she was nearly impossible to beat. Typically her enviable nail looks were sent to us through her Instagram account sooo….. Naturally, we stalked her. (It feels good to be honest.)

From Kate in Social:
We started poking around her awesome Insta, and discovered that this stellar at-home artist is local — a ferry-riding, Sounders-loving Seattleite. Her talent for nail art is simply stellar. We couldn’t believe our luck that she was so close. We decided to reach out to her to see if she’d be interested in coming to Julep HQ and putting together tutorials to help other aspiring nail artists do easy at-home looks. We are so excited to feature her on the blog. We love our Mavens, we hang out with them all day online. But to have an opportunity & a reason to hang out with a fun, funky, down-to-earth Maven in person, and create a project together… it’s pretty awesome.   

Below is Ashley’s easy breezy way to get supercute kitty cat nails.


KITTY CAT NAILS in Ashley’s own words

Hi fellow Mavens (and everyone else, too)!

For this easy look you’ll need:
-black polish, white polish (I used Cleopatra and Amity)
-base coat, top coat
-a dotting tool


No pro dotting tool? It’s okay! Try a toothpick, opened bobby pin, a mechanical pencil, or anything with a round or pointed tip. 

After your base coat is dry, choose your accent nails and polish them white. Polish the rest of your nails black. Let dry.

Pour a dollop of black onto a paper plate or other disposable surface (Saran Wrap, wax paper, anything) — it’s much easier than using the bottle. Dip your dotting tool (toothpick, opened bobby pin, etc) into the dollop and dot out a triangle shape to create the cute little cat nose. You’ll want the longer, flat edge of the triangle facing the tip of your nail, and the pointy “top” of the triangle pointing towards your cuticle.

ASHLEY TIP: Rather than dragging a line of polish, dot repeatedly or “stipple” with your tool to create the shape.

Repeat the “stippling” (dotting) action to dot out three short lines from each side of your triangle for whiskers. Let dry.
Finish with top coat.


Meow! Kitty cat nails are yours just in time for Halloween. Let’s be honest though, we’re going to wear these year round. Cats are never out of style.

Keep checking our #JULEPTrickOrTreat campaign on Facebook for Ashley’s next blog post, which includes a Q & A with the Maven herself.

What are you doing for Halloween nails this year? Let’s hear it, in the comments!