Makeup Tutorial: Easy On the Eyes

by Meghan Carlson | 5 Comments


What do you look for in a travel buddy? My ideal companion is someone who’s fun, easy to get along with, and flexible. Someone who packs light, stays by my side, and doesn’t let anything dampen their spirits, whether it’s an extra-long day or a sudden downpour. Someone who’s vibrant (to keep me entertained) and smooth (to help communicate with the locals). And being rich never hurt, either.

While this travel buddy might be hard to find in human form, I believe I’ve finally found my match—well, four matches, actually. Meet Julep’s new Gel Eye Gliders: Blackest Black, Smoky Plum, Rich Brown, and Smoky Taupe Shimmer. My new companions in all life’s journeys.¬†Long-wearing (up to 10 hours!), waterproof, smooth as buttah, and packed with pigment, these babies combine all the staying power of gel liner with all the convenience of pencil liner, so you can create all sorts of beautiful looks that stay vibrant all day—no matter where your next adventure takes you.

To show off all the ways you can wear them, we asked our resident makeup expert Janae to create four easy and wearable eye looks, each using these new eye gliders in a different way.

Here’s how to get each look you see above, using any of the four shades. Pick your favorite and make each look your own!

Look #1: Statement Cat Eye

The super smooth application and firm control you get with Gel Eye Gliders make them perfect for achieving this year’s biggest eyeliner trend: the statement cat eye.

1. For a sharp, crisp, clean line, load the edge of an angled eyeliner brush with your Gel Eye Glider. We used Blackest Black.

2. Once your brush is loaded up, line your upper lash line with the brush. Make the line gradually widen as you move to the outer edge of your eye, thin to thick.

3. With your eye closed, use the angled tip of the brush to create a wedge shape on the outer corner of your eye, curving the tip of your line up at the end. (For a visual aid, follow your lower lash line up and out.)

4. Finish with mascara on top and bottom lashes. Since this look is all about the eyes, we kept our model Gabrielle’s lip gloss more subtle, opting for Charming, a sheer mauve.

Look #2: Classic Everyday

For this look, we put a modern spin on classic top-and-bottom liner with the Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum.

1. Start by applying mattifying eye primer on both lids.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the shade Tiramisu from the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette all over your lid, then apply Glow in the crease, blending well.

3. Time for the eye glider! To shape your eye and give your liner a more flattering look, start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a line that gets thicker as you go. Don’t be afraid to go over the line to get the vibrancy you want.

4. Finish with mascara on top and bottom lashes. To complete her look and play up the smoky plum liner, we put our model Helen in Julep’s sheer black honey lip gloss, Posh.

Look #3: Smoky Eye

Getting a gorgeous smoky eye can sound intimidating. But by using the Gel Eye Glider as shadow, you cut down on the number of steps and get a rich look that stays put all day—perfect for summer.

1. Try this look with any of the Gel Eye Gliders above. We used Rich Brown. To start, smudge the eyeglider all over your lid, from the lash line upward. Don’t worry if it’s a little patchy or messy, because you’re about to blend it out.

2. Quickly, before the glider sets, take an eyeshadow brush and blend the pigment all over your lid so it’s smooth and even across the whole lid.

3. Dip your eyeshadow brush into the shade Toffee from the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette and blend it into the crease to give a more balanced and soft edge to your smoky eye.

4. Using your Rich Brown eye glider again, apply a thin line along your upper and lower lash lines for more definition. Smudge with a liner brush so it’s not a harsh line.

5. Finish with mascara. To really let her sultry eyes shine, we put our model Natasha in the lip gloss Timeless, a sheer nude.

Look #4: Fresh & Natural

This look is so easy, you can get it in seconds flat! “This is one of my favorite looks to do with any colorful or shimmery eyeliner,” says Janae. “It takes the place of shadow and still defines your eye.”

1. Apply a thick line of your chosen eye glider all the way across your lid. We used Smoky Taupe Shimmer because it’s neutral enough for any occasion and gives off a gorgeous shimmer.

2. Bring the line up so that it covers about a third of your lid, but be careful not to bring it too high. For this look, focus on the upper lash line, leaving the bottom lash line bare.

3. Finish with mascara on your top lashes. To accentuate her natural, effortless look, we put our model Ariana in the lip gloss Glowing, a sheer light pink.

Are you ready to glide? Gel Eye Gliders are now available in the August Maven window as part of Julep’s new Wanderlust Collection—check out the full collection here, or go straight to your account to add these beauties to your August Maven box.