Mani Mania: Spring Has Sprung!

by Meghan Carlson | 2 Comments

We’re back with another edition of Mani Mania: spring style! Mavens across the country are showing off their April Vivid colors, as well as digging into their other tried and true Julep polishes to create bright and fun spring manicures and nail art.

Here are a few of our favorite spring nail looks from our community this week. We hope they inspire you to bring a little seasonal freshness to your next manicure!

Blue Glitter Chevrons by Arden
Using Joanna, Tracy, and Jasmine


Shocking Pink with Floral Accent Nail by Cody
Using Caitlin and Mariska


Very Vivid Nail Art by Gabi
Using the entire Vivid Collection


Pastel Rainbow Polka Dots by Kelly
Using Princess Grace, Lilou, Denver, Margaret, and Rae


Easter Nails by Kryssie
Using Felicia


Vivid Rainbow by Megan
Using the entire Vivid Collection, plus Tania


Poolside Brights by @kataruki
Using Caitlin and Mariska


Bright “Dragonfly” Green by Kimberley
Using Tatum


It Girl Gradient by Martha
Using Bailey, Flora, and Maren


Negative Space Half-Moon Spring Mani by Beverly
Using Sunny, Tatum, Morgan, and Phoebe


Atlanta Braves Opening Day Mani by Willow
Using Octavia


Have a fun spring mani you’d like to share? Show us a photo in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #julepmaven.

  • Maggie Fornaciari

    Cherry Blossoms using Something Blue, Audrey and Maren

  • Emily A

    Kinda late into April, but I am so excited to share my manicure with Sunny and Phoebe. These colors were so fun and inspiring! Each nail is different, even on my right hand.