Mani Monday: National Ice Cream Month

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

July is National Ice Cream Month, as if we needed another reason to enjoy a delicious frozen treat on a hot summer day. Want to commemorate this momentous occasion on your nails? We’ve got all the inspiration you need to showcase your favorite flavors on your fingertips.

Mint Chocolate Chip

MintChocolateChip_LPCombine a mint chocolatey mani in Felicia (It Girl) with an ice cream cone-inspired accent nail in Annemarie (It Girl) and Florence (Classic with a Twist). Yum!


We’re not entirely sure what weird ice cream flavors Kimberly (Boho Glam) and Emerson (Classic with a Twist) would translate to in the real world (lavender chocolate chip? blue raspberry cookie crunch?), but it really doesn’t matter, as Raluca proves. These shades look delicious anyway!

Rainbow Sherbet


Aubrey used Mackenzie (It Girl), Avery (Classic with a Twist), and Nina (It Girl) to create this bright, mouthwatering design.



We love this simple mani in Adrianna (Bombshell) by Janalyn. The color is so fresh and unique, it needs no embellishment!



Tina‘s shimmering mani in Karen (Boho Glam) and Adele (Bombshell) totally reminds us of enjoying a tasty creamsicle in the sunshine. A summer must!



“Why are plain white nails so pretty?” asks @polishmewithglitter. We’re not totally sure of the answer, but it’s the same reason plain vanilla ice cream is so delicious, right?



A plain pink mani is always pretty, but we love the way Juliana used her artistic skills, and a mix of light and dark pink polish, to make this summery strawberry nail art.


Here’s another adorable strawberry mani by Ash Lynn. It makes us want to go berry picking!

Cookies & Cream


Shannon layered Max (It Girl) over her French tips to create this unique cookies & cream look. Love!



Tiffany’s gradient in Kam (It Girl) and Jules (It Girl) with Max as a top coat totally reminds us of old-fashioned Spumoni ice cream, with plenty of sprinkles on top.

What shade(s) will you be sporting to celebrate National Ice Cream Month? Just remember, as Amber here shows us (wearing Bergen): any nail polish can be ice cream-themed, if you wear it to the ice cream shop and take a selfie with your scoop!


What’s your flavor? Use the tag #julepmaven on Instagram to share your ice cream nails with us.