June 2015 Maven Reveal: The Deep End

by Emma Thesenvitz | 27 Comments

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Destination: Palm Springs
Weather: Pure summer for 300 days a year
The essentials: Lips, nails, two-piece, sunnies
Where to next: Just wait and see…

Ready For This Jelly?

After a spring of luscious crèmes, we’re craving the Jolly Rancher effect of two new jellies, plus sun-catching shimmers, summertime blues, and a sporty lime green set to make a splash.

  • The Deep End Collection

    Dive on in! Scroll through to see the whole collection.

  • Sam

    Sam (It Girl): Limeade crème

  • Lillian

    Lillian (It Girl): Alabaster pink crème

  • Manda

    Manda (Boho Glam): Sky blue with golden shimmer

  • Lori

    Lori (Classic with a Twist): Pressed marionberry jelly

  • Suse

    Suse (Bombshell): Coral blaze crème

  • Isabela

    Isabela (Boho Glam): Amparo blue crème

  • Polly

    Polly (It Girl): Vibrant azalea shimmer

  • Tiffany

    Tiffany (Bombshell): Pink radish jelly

  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline (Classic with a Twist): Bright grenadine shimmer


Here Comes The Sun(set)

Every month we're bringing an old favorite out of retirement for a new spin. Morgan (Bombshell) is the first shade that Mavens voted back into rotation. And what a pick—this deep purple shimmer is full of drama, and the exact color of a late summer sky.

  • Morgan

    Get Morgan (Bombshell) as an exclusive add-on for $6.99

  • Moni

    Purple nails pair best with pool parties and piña coladas...

New Formula! Luxe Just Got Luxer

We took everything we loved about our Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment—the circulation-boosting Zamac tip, the mega-moisturizing blend of oils, the sheer wash of color—and gave it more: More pigment for bolder coverage. More richness for an (even) silkier feel. And we gave it a new name too: Luxe Up Your Lips Conditioning Treatment.

Are you licking your lips yet?

  • Luxe Up Your Lips

    From top: Poppy, Blushing Rose, Candy Apple, Sangria. Scroll through for more!

  • swatches

    Red lips for summer? Oh yes.

  • swatches

    Red lips for summer? Oh yes.

  • swatches

    Red lips for summer? Oh yes.

June exclusive

Catch The Light

If Coachella was any indication, metallic tattoos are happening in a BIG way. Take on the summer, goddess style, with two sheets of glinty tats, plus a double dose of Glow: illuminating powder for your high points and peachy blush for the rest.

  • Summer Goddess Box

    Grab the Summer Goddess Box, or scroll through to see more.

  • Metal Marks

    Instant ink!

  • metal marks

    Yes, that's Sam (It Girl) on the nails—yeow!

  • Peach bellini

    Your Happy Look (Glow Pore-Minimizing Blush) in Peach Bellini

  • Glow

    Glow Highlighting Powder

June exclusive

Baby, You're a Firework

Backyard BBQs. Sparklers. Red, white, and blue. Light up the best holiday of the year with star-spangled nail art and knock-'em-dead red lips.

  • Fourth of July Box

    Grab the Fourth of July Box for $19.99—scroll to get some nail art inspiration!

  • Fourth of July

    Nail art made easy!

One Last Thing Before You Go

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  • Cheryl

    I’m doing an all nail polish box (great colors… Reds, pinks, and jellies for me!) I just can’t take a risk on the lip treatments. Swatches on arms do not convince me to take a risk. I looked through all the swap options… Even the swatches for the plush pouts are particularly bad… Arm hair and off-color! :-/

    Real swatches on different ethnicities -> GOOD!
    Real swatches on random body parts -> BAD!
    Imagine if they started putting nail polish swatches on arms?! :-O

    • Tee Kay

      I also prefer lip swatches, but they swatch lipsticks to inner arm because it shows the true pigment against different skin tones, which more closely mimics how the color will appear overall on your face. 🙂 Since the natural pigmentation of lips varies so greatly from person to person, lip swatches can be misleading.

      • mimz

        but our inner arm skin tone doesn’t reflect our lip tones at all

        • Tee Kay

          mimz, your inner arm skin tone more closely matches your facial skin tone. 🙂 It’s supposed to help give a relative look at the overall effect of a color (i.e., orange reds v blue reds on cool/olive/warm skin).

      • DesignFriend

        I annoyingly have very pigmented lips and no company ever shows sheer lip products on a model with pigmented lips because you’ll just never see the color accurately. Correction – the color will never look like what’s in the tube. I liked the arm swatches just because I can get a better idea of how opaque the products are and what the true color is. Since I know my own lips I figure I can judge from there.

        However I think lip swatches for everyone else should always be included since most people aren’t like me!

    • Rachel

      I like lip swatches too and haven’t gotten any lip products during their reveals because I’m wary of arm swatches (although I have weirdly dark lips so I agree that the tone doesn’t always match for me either). On the bright side, since the new Plush Pout/It’s Balm (why did they change the name that sounds so awkward) colors have been out for a bit, there are indeed some lip swatches via google image search. I found one that convinced me on electric coral for this month!

      • mimz

        I always look through the tags on instagram for actual swatches before I buy the product, julep has been dropping the ball hard on swatches recently, I haven’t gotten the new plush pouts because I have no idea what it’s going to look like on me (olive/tan skin tone) – it’s very disappointing, i’m not getting the new lip products either for the same reason

        • DesignFriend

          I think they need 4 skintones for face products (light, fair, olive and dark). 2 for polish seems to be enough to get an idea – fair and dark.

          I’ll get the new lip products for that applicator. I LOVE the way it feels.

          • mimz

            Yea I agree, its an online store they really need to nail their swatches! I’ll probably end up getting the new luxe lip product when there are pictures of people using them. Their current swatches do no justice, I can’t just guess how these colors will turn out on me

  • Katia Grinkov

    I did the ultimate for the first time mainly for the Jellies and luxe lip

  • Rachel

    I love that you guys are willing to add so many products to the swap in (I see a lot of my favs – light on your lips and the gel liners), but may I suggest adding the Nail Therapy base coat as well? I know you have the whole Oxygen line, but I’ve tried both of the base coats and they don’t work as well or improve my nails as much as Nail Therapy has. I’ve been using it for years and it’s the first thing that’s ever let this reformed (or, well, reformING) nail biter have any sort of free edge. That said, I know you added a lot and I’m sure we all appreciate it. I went with straight corals this month – Suse, Jacqueline, and the plush pout. 🙂

    • Lori Curiel

      I love nail therapy, it really does strengthen your nails. Also helps my nail polish last longer without chips.

  • Hanna Reside

    I keep trying to do the prepaid option for 3 months, but the only banner on the top of my screen is to the blog post about being ‘new to maven’ even though this is my third box. What can I do?

    • court

      Call or email customer service they’re good about helping you through it all

  • Abby

    Not a fan of renaming Luxe Lip…Luxe Up Your Lips Conditioning Treatment is quite a mouthful. I think Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment was cleaner and sounded better…almost classier. I feel the same way about Plush Pout. I really liked Plush Pout, and It’s Balm is a little awkward sounding to me.

  • I’ve had to skip 3 times this year already. Twice for money reasons, and once because I just wasn’t into the colors. However, I’m totally excited for the Jelly colors and I just had to get my three add ons! Can’t wait to see what Fireworks looks like on top of other colors! 🙂

  • mimz

    It says “Morgan (Bombshell) is the first shade that Mavens voted back into rotation. ” How do we vote? I would love some out of stock colors that I’ve had in my wish list forever!

    • DesignFriend

      I’m guessing they asked those who go to the meetups or the product testersthatiwanttobesobadlypleasecallmejulep 😀

    • Ann Mary Olson

      There was an online poll several months ago (maybe January-ish?).

  • Kelsey Gamblin

    What is the consistency of the Jelly polishes? I can’t tell from the swatches if they are sheer or opaque. What makes them “jelly?”

    • mimz

      Definitely sheer!! I used to hate sheer polishes but these jellies are a diff story! They’re amazing, formula is jelly like which makes it really cool to look at, and unique 🙂

    • DesignFriend

      Think of them as a tinted clear polish. Some are more sheer than others but they look glossy and have a translucency to them like those old school “jelly” sandals from when we were kids. They’re sheer but still have pigment. I haven’t had problems with the consistency of Julep’s jellies personally, but they are usually a different type of formula that I would liken to a thinned down honey. Some people don’t love it.

      Personally I love making jelly sandwiches with them and layering glitter between 2 thin layers. I wish Julep themselves would post more nail art ideas like that. Sometimes people don’t know what to do with them!

      • Amy Mullins

        Great idea on the “jelly sandwich”! I’d never thought of that. I’m trying jellies this month and will definitely try that! Thanks.

  • Gail Carroll

    I love the jelly polish. One thing I would like to see is the polishes grouped into creams, shimmers, glitters, jellies, etc. I have started pedicures with creams and nails with shimmer.

  • SoCal Indi

    Unless the colors starting making me go “Wow!” I must say adieu to Julep. Two years ago I used to get excited but now everything is just a repeat of what I already own.

  • Rosedust

    Would you ever consider a Beauty Lover Upgrade? The Utimate Upgrade is either too much polish for me or only has limited beauty options. It’s great for a lot of mavens, but I have fallen hard for your new beauty options!

  • Arianne

    🙂 I’ve been on ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Day tweaking my box and add ons. I’m SUPER excited. Can I please have it now??