The July 2016 Collection

by Hannah | 13 Comments

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There’s just something about summertime that gets us in the mood to pay homage to the sea and its never-ending enchantment. The July Collection was inspired by the eternal allure of deep summer – lush, saturated nail colors that are far from your average, plus our latest lip essential: Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butter with SPF 30.

This month’s lineup is SO worthy of basking in summer’s sun-soaked, seaside glory. Bring it on, July! We’re ready to jump right in.


  • The June Collection

    The July Collection

  • The June Collection

    Annalise (Boho Glam): Vivid wisteria ghost iridescent

  • The June Collection

    Camilla (Bombshell): Grape lollipop jelly

  • The June Collection

    Eunice (Bombshell): Ultramarine blue shimmer

  • The June Collection

    Fleur (It Girl): Evening bloom matte glitter

  • The June Collection

    Mallory (Classic with a Twist): Pink lotus crème

  • The June Collection

    Sam (It Girl) Back from the Vault : Limeade crème

  • The June Collection

    Tomi (Wonder Maven): Bermuda blue holographic jelly

In the thick of summer, things have a tendency to heat up, and our mani-pedis are certainly no exception. This month, we’re diving into the deep end of the summer spectrum with this collection of super lush, fiercely saturated shades.

The number of ways you can mix and play with these nail colors is as infinite as the mesmerizing depths of the sea!



Clockwise: Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butter in Macaroon, Poppy, Currant & Crimson

Give your lips a well-deserved dose of luxury with the sheer wash of luscious color it craves. Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butter is crafted with a nourishing blend of soothing shea butter, protective broccoli seed oil, reparative rosehip seed oil, and softening black currant seed oil to keep your lips silky smooth as you bask in the sunshine.

Rest assured we’ll be reaching for these lip butters all summer long (and beyond)!

  • The June Collection

    Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butter with Broad Spectrum SPF 30


    Looking to add a fresh and unexpected touch to your summer mani? These water droplets decals give the perfect dose of subtle texture to any nail color. The result: a dewy 3-D look that makes a real splash!

    • Water Droplets Nail Decals

      Water Droplets Nail Decals

    • The June Collection

      Our new summer motto: Just dew it!

    Leave us questions, comments, or just share your must-have summer shades below. 

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    Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butter Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is not yet registered for sale or distribution outside the U.S. At this time, we currently cannot ship to any destination outside the U.S. 


    • Gina Pagel

      I always enjoy the preview blog posts. Thanks! Am I missing the photos for the color “lace” in the new lip sheers section of this blog post? It’s on the website as coming soon with the rest of the collection & I’d love to easily compare it with the others before making my box selections next week. Thanks!

    • Cheryl

      So hard to decide! Passing on the nail colors for the first time ever,… But picking up 4 lip shades!

    • Shannon Larsen

      So disappointed! I was super excited to see the lip butters and I had 2 picked out to add to my box this month but it won’t let me have them in my box to ship to Canada!! Would like to be able to use PayPal as well but also can’t use it in Canada. Starting to think I may cancel my subscription since its pretty frustrating to not be able to get the service and products that people elsewhere are getting.

    • Stephanie M

      Loving this month, totally makes up for last month which was just “meh” to me. Now the tough decision because I want it all! But, 2 lip colors (yay for sheer AND spf!) and a couple nail colors will have to suffice for now (couldn’t resist that black glitter or the teal sheer holo!) So mad I just broke a couple nails but oh well, I’ll rock these short nails or not lol

    • The lip pictures always look so different from the full face pictures, so I find pictures that only post lips unhelpful. Currant looks incredible on the full face picture but looks way less impressive in the lips pictures. I will purchase to see which it is actually closer to.

    • Bethany Holmes

      What’s the difference between the new bronzers and the ones you already have? The names of the shades are similar, but are these new shades?

    • Ah! Finally a color with my name! Kudos, Julep!

    • Allison Kane

      Will you ever restock the Go Big mascara or all of the beautiful colors of the Eyeshadow 101 Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow sticks? That mascara is AWESOME!!!

      • Kasey💖

        I have been PLEADING for the same thing!! I truly want the Taupe Shimmer in 101 before I really get into other products. I skipped this month due to the colors being too similar than the last 2 months and bc I’m allergic to nut oils.

    • Kim

      Passing this month since I couldn’t get the new lipsticks. Why couldn’t you introduce them after they have been approved in Canada? Seems like poor planning & Canadians aren’t important.

    • dawn steinbock

      Careful.. the Lip Butters taste AWFUL! I already want to take mine off 🙁

      • dawn steinbock

        ALSO I just got it July 6th, and it expires next month? What the what?

    • Cristina

      I bought the whole shebang and three add ons. I only received the add ons and none of my other purchase. Customer service was great and will apparently send the box out “again.” The problem is some of those items are no longer available and I’ll have to do without. Very disappointing for my first, and very likely last, full purchase.