May Color Inspiration: Shout-out to Moms!

by Emily R | 2 Comments

May is the month for moms, and we’re celebrating our moms by naming the May polish collection after them. Each color is named for a mom, grandma, or daughter of someone at Julep headquarters.

Here are a few of those stories in words, pictures, and sometimes both:

Hayley’s mom & color: Jules


Hayley: My mom and I look forward to flipping through InStyle magazine’s “The Look” section every month together. She’s a great cook and she’s trying to teach me–-although I resist her efforts and usually just keep her company (and taste test!) while she cooks. I get my love of reading a good book in the sun from my mom.

Her name is Julee, and “Jules” is her nickname. I’m surprising her with her “Jules” on Mother’s Day. She loves pale pink on her fingers and toes – especially with a tan. Hopefully this shade will become a new favorite. I know it’s one of mine!

Shawn’s grandma & color: Iona


Shawn: My grandmother Iona was the type of fierce lady you would expect having been born in 1918. She lived through the depression, raised her younger sisters, had her first child right as my grandfather was deployed to WWII, and hosted three generations for dinner three times a week until she was in her late 80s. She never let anyone help her cook.

She put up with my grandpa’s horrible jokes, and loved her beautiful garden–including a collection of bonsais which were handed down to my father when she passed away at age 90.

The hydrangea blue of Julep’s Iona is a perfect gift to share with all the women in my family–she taught each of us to be strong & warmhearted. It’s a fitting tribute to an amazing grandma.

Jessica’s mom & color: Laree


Jessica: To my mom, I owe a great deal. Not just in the traditional sense of having a healthy, happy upbringing, but in the way that not all women are as fortunate as I am. My mom has given me a sense of confidence, wisdom, and fortitude that I am grateful for every day of my life. Without these qualities, I would not be the woman I am today.

I chose this summery color for my mom as she loves a good pedicure, and we are heading into sandal season. The name Laree also has special meaning as it’s not just my mom’s name, but also my middle name! I love that we have something tangible and so beautiful to represent the connection between us.

And now, a brief break from sentiments for a little blast of sunshine…

Karin’s daughter & color: Maddy

Maddy Maddy_dollop

 Bam! Sunshine had.

Katie’s mom & color: Jeanne


Katie: I can’t name anyone who doesn’t absolutely adore my mom! Her presence has the ability to immediately brighten even the brightest of rooms, which is why I take it as the utmost compliment when people tell me how much like her I am.

(Editors note: You just described yourself exactly, Katie! Will you bring your mom to the next office happy hour? Two of you would be tooooo much–in the very best way.)

Ariana’s mom & color: Ramona


Ariana: What’s so great about my mom?  Everything. Ha! From her empowering determination, to her “ability” to always be right (which was extremely annoying for me as a teen). There is also that CIA-esque manner in which she interrogates–there are five of us and nobody ever got anything past her. I also can’t forget the genuine passion she has for making us (her kids) better people. I would love to one day be the kind of mother she is.

I truly wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her. Period.

Ramona is a pale lavender. It’s an honest and straightforward color, with an undeniable softness. It’s exactly right. 🙂

Me & my mom: Paulette
My mom looooves anything that sparkles. Anything. Gems, metallics, greeting cards with glitter. Loves ’em. The sun hitting a shimmery pool? Loves it. That sequined peacock shirt coming at us on the sidewalk? Loves it. Will probably stop the woman wearing it to chat.

If it sparkles, my mom will stop whatever she is doing to point it out. “Oh loooook! Honey! Look at that sparkle.” In fact, when she sees this blog post, she will say “ohhhhh look at that sparkle!” about her namesake polish before she even gets to this paragraph.

Her birthstone is amethyst, so something in the purple family seemed fitting. And loaded up with tiny gold shimmers, this Paulette definitely has the head-turning, sun-catching sparkle my mom walks the earth looking for.

Okay mom! You can open the package I sent to you now. Happy Mother’s Day.
Love, Embo.