Meet Our August Wonder Maven

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This month, we are thrilled to announce Alysha Noorani as our August Wonder Maven! Nominated by her sister Sasha (who is also a Maven, along with their mom!), Alysha is a perfect example of #bravepretty, showing true drive, passion and confidence. Read on for her story!

Alysha Wonder Maven 3

From our interview with Alysha:

Julep: What are you most proud of in your life?
Alysha: I’m of course proud of my accomplishments – like getting my Masters or co-founding a student organization dedicated to canine advocacy, volunteerism, and fundraising that’s still active five years later!! However, I would say my biggest accomplishments are when I help others – I got my Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which essentially is applying principles of human behavior and psychology to the workplace to make it better. So when I make a recommendation to the CEO, board of directors, or an executive team that gets put in place and has a positive impact on employees throughout the organization, or even when I’m just working with one team and am able to make a difference, that’s when I’m most proud.

Who or what inspires you?
This is a hard one! I try to draw inspiration from everything I can – every new place I’ve ever traveled, a rainy day, or simply an invigorating conversation. However, at the top of that list is my family. My mom was the first person in her family to go to college, but she didn’t stop there – even after having 3 kids and taking time away from work to take care of me and my two older sisters, she went back to school at night to get an MBA! She’s my biggest inspiration for her generosity and her tireless spirit. My dad grew up in a refugee camp in South Asia and started working when he was just a kid to help support his family. Today, he’s a very accomplished and well-respected physician who has shown me the value and power of hard work and never giving up – no matter how challenging the task. He’s my greatest inspiration for hard work, commitment, and perseverance. My oldest sister is so smart and went into a heavily male-dominated STEM field and is rocking it! She’s my inspiration for always confidence in my abilities and my career. Sasha (my sister who nominated me!) is my champion – always pushing me to follow my dreams and supporting me in those endeavors as my biggest cheerleader. She’s my best inspiration for positivity and always getting back up when life knocks you down.

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What is your beauty philosophy?
My beauty philosophy is simple – do what you makes you feel good, nothing and no one else matters!

What does Brave Pretty mean to you?
Brave Pretty is embracing who you are and what you want, even if that’s sometimes a little bit scary – whether that’s wearing a favorite shirt your sister thinks is ridiculous or moving to another country without speaking the language. Always chase your dreams and follow your heart and don’t let anyone – including yourself! – knock you from your path.

Alysha Wonder Maven
Amen, sister! Thank you for sharing your story and wonderful spirit with us!

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