Meet our December Wonder Maven

by Katie Smith | 0 comments

This month, we are thrilled to announce Roselyn Lopez as our December Wonder Maven.  Roselyn is a great example of how to #BravePretty in your day-to-day life.  Read on to learn a little bit more about her!

wonder manenDEC

Julep: What are you most proud of in your life?

Roselyn: I am proud of myself every day and I feel like everyone should be proud of themselves and their accomplishments that’s meant for a better tomorrow!

Julep: Who or what inspires you?

Roselyn: For over two years now, I have gone by the philosophy that Julep has inspired–to embrace beauty without rules. Do something new you want to try no matter what people say–from a bold red to a soft pink. I’ve been breaking many of my own rules and experimenting with tons of colors and shades on my hair, lips, eyes, and cheeks. That is what I love about Julep; I get try new products all the time and have them delivered to my house no matter how busy I may be.

Julep: What is your beauty philosophy?

Roselyn: Beauty has no rules. You only live once! Break your own rules.

Julep: What makes you feel Brave Pretty?

Roselyn: Brave Pretty to me is walking out the door feeling confident and beautiful!


Roselyn’s polish is a snowstorm shimmer- shop it here!

If you would like to nominate a Wonder Maven in your life (it could even be you!), please complete this brief nomination form. We’ll be choosing a Wonder Maven every month and naming a polis after her.