Meet Our March Wonder Maven

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We’re excited to share Jennifer “Jennye” Parker as our March Wonder Maven! Nominated by her friend and fellow Maven Casey, Jennye embodies many of Julep’s core values. “This woman is a true inspiration,” Casey says. “She works one on one with special needs children, like her long-time buddy Halle, who has a severe developmental disorder,” she adds.

March 2017 Wonder Maven

“Halle is going into high school this year and has been working with Jennye since elementary school. Jennye is a friend and a mentor to her and has pushed her to succeed and always showing her that she believes in her even if others don’t.”

“They’ve even recently taken up the hobby of painting their nails,” Casey adds. “Jennye brings her Julep nail polish collection over, Halle chooses her colors, and Jennye paints her nails for her!”.

Read on for Jennye’s wonderful story!

What I’m most proud of in my life?

Jennye: I now own and live in the home I grew up in, on seven mostly-wooded acres on the edge of Nashville. Most anyone who knows me and has visited my house knows there is one tree that I speak about with a tremendous amount of pride. I called it my and my dad’s tree because when I was around four years old my dad and I were walking along the tree line of our yard and he decided to give me an impromptu ecology lesson.

He pointed out a small cedar sapling growing under the shade of old growth forest and explained that often, small trees like that do not grow to be big and tall because they cannot get enough sun and die prematurely. Upon hearing this, I insisted that we save that baby tree.

My dad helped me dig up the sapling and we transplanted it to the middle of our yard beside the driveway. Twenty-six years later, that tree is close to forty feet tall and everyone who comes over hears the story about why it’s there.

Who or what inspires you?

Jennye: I am incredibly inspired by those who persist against all odds to reach their goals, by people who are passionate about and fight for what they believe in. The idea that I can contribute to change through my actions motivates me to actively work toward reaching my goals.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Jennye: Everyone is beautiful, so just use what makes you feel most beautiful. I wear minimal makeup, and it’s not uncommon for me to have a few days in a week where I have no makeup on. When I do wear makeup, it’s mascara at the very least. CC cream, eye shadow, mascara, and lip color at most. That’s simply what I’m most comfortable in, and I think being comfortable with your beauty routine is more important than how it compares to anyone else’s.

What makes you feel Brave Pretty?

Jennye: Wearing bold color clothes or funky print shirts. Tops with prints like sharks and flamingos are my favorite.

Thanks for nominating such a fun, kind-hearted, and inspiring Wonder Maven, Casey!

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