Meet Our May Wonder Maven!

by Katie Smith | 0 comments

We are excited to announce Rendee Hughes as our May Wonder Maven! Nominated by her friend Dixie, Rendee is a great example of what Julep embodies. “I love that she is so focused on lifting others up, which in turn lifts her up,” she says. “If ever there was a strong, beautiful woman who inspires, empowers, and encourages other women, Rendee is it.”

“To me, she is Julep personified,” Dixie adds.

She goes on to share, “Rendee is a colleague I met through involvement with a local domestic violence support group. She is one of the most kindhearted women I know, having endured an abusive relationship before pressing on and developing her own strong and wonderful personality as a mother, real estate agent, and community activist.”

“She supports multiple local organizations including domestic violence shelters, and provides encouragement to other women who are in or recently out of situations similar to her own.  She also volunteers with local animal care organizations.”

Read on for more of Rendee’s inspiring story in her own words!

What you most proud of in your life?

Rendee: I am most proud of my children! They have been through much adversity and still continue to get good grades, work, stay out of trouble and have good heads on their shoulders.

Who or what inspires you?

Rendee: I am inspired by anyone who can navigate through adversity and come out with a positive attitude! My children and my boyfriend inspire me every day to do better and remain positive.

What is your beauty philosophy?

Rendee:  I am very simple. I take care of my skin with morning and evening regimens, very basic foundation/sunscreen combo with eyebrow filler and a little color on lips. I love getting my nails done!

What makes you feel Brave Pretty?

Rendee: I cannot stop going regardless of adversity- I must stand on my own two feet and keep going! Never quit! I feel BRAVE PRETTY when I can inspire others to lift themselves up!

Rendee’s polish Rendee (Wonder Maven) is a beautiful Ultraviolet Matte Shimmer. Shop it here!

If you would like to nominate a Wonder Maven in your life (it could even be you!), please complete this brief nomination form. We’ll be choosing a Wonder Maven every month and naming a polish after her.