Merry Mani Mania: Your Holiday Nail Art, Week 1

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

Well, it’s official: not only are our Mavens the absolute best, but they’re absolutely in the holiday spirit. How else can we explain the outpouring of amazing nail art during Week 1 of our #JulepMerryMani Instagram contest?! (Wondering what I’m talking about? Read all about the rules and prizes here.)


This is just a small sampling of the wearable works of wintery art that you’ve all shared with us this week—full of snowflakes and Santa hats and sparkles, oh my!

Thank you to everyone who’s entered so far, and to those who haven’t entered yet: there’s still lots of time! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. And be sure to check back next week, when we’ll be sharing another batch of our faves right here on the blog.

@novelsandnailpolish (Wearing: Diamond Theory)




@ash_lynn_mitch / Wearing: Annette and Nell


@beautifullypaige / Wearing: Rose


@carrieberrry / Wearing: Linden


@citruseyes / Wearing: Nicolette, Bess, and Margaret




@heidi_v_v / Wearing: Lorenzana and Yumi




@jennieshaw / Wearing: Millie


@kbkopija / Wearing: Tracy


@knittingandnails / Wearing: Kiki and Bonnie


@magicallypolished / Wearing: Florence and DeAnn


@mmrnckjack / Wearing: Bergen




@omgimamom / Wearing: Dana and Daria


@perfectlyposhinthecity / Wearing: Rochelle, Nell, and Paula


@purplenailbox / Wearing: Margaret and Hope


@purplepolishes / Wearing: Linden


@santineao / Wearing: Emer and Amira


@alexanicolejones / Wearing: January


@shutterblog / Wearing: Maddy and Joanna




@tcsjessi06 / Wearing: Alfre


@allethastutz / Inspired by our friend Elleandish!

@allethastutz / Inspired by our friend Elleandish!


@gelatindracula@reynasnailart / Wearing: Something Blue @reynasnailart

jennieshaw / Wearing: Sky and Chantel


Ready to try your hand (har, har) at your own merry mani? First, follow us. Then polish your nails in a festive way, snap a pic, upload to Instagram, and don’t forget the tag #JulepMerryMani to be automatically entered!