Michelle Obama is NOT Going to KimYe’s Wedding

by Emily R | 261 Comments

Here’s our prediction for the 10 most influential people/couples who will politely decline one or both invitations to witness Kim Kardashian’s vowses with Kanye West.


10. Michelle & President Barack Obama. No particular reason, just… busy. 


9. Brad & Angelina. Because parents need to consider which events are worth getting a babysitter for. One that has zero kickbacks toward improving Earth or the many lives on it likely doesn’t fall high on the Jolie-Pitt family list.


8. Tom Brady & Gisele. Guessing maybe they weren’t invited and Tom is lashing out with this?


7. Taylor Swift. “Yo Kanye, your vows will be song-worthy, and I’mma let you finish them without any interruption because dog I am not going to any party that celebrates you in any way. Respect. Love, Taylor”


6. Trey Parker & Matt Stone. The combined creative genius behind South Park did made it into a Kanye rap (in response to their own, of course), but calling the bride a hobbit is no way to get on the guest list.


5. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez — No WAY would KimYe invite young, fresh wild cards who could suck all the media love down their own black hole just by tripping over a mop bucket in the utility closet where they shouldn’t have been in the first place..

UPDATE: Biebs is selfie-ing with the littlest Kardashian, Kylie Jenner. There might be a wedding invite in his future after all…

Paris Hilton Wallpapers

4. Paris Hilton. Frenemies don’t let frenemies co-mingle at nuptials.

1346254808_3095_Perez Hilton

3. Perez Hilton. No better way to lose control of your messaging than to add this A1 celeb gossip diva to your mix. Although the mere thought of Kim’s bridal pics with Perez’s “special illustrations” puts more sunshine in our soul than our Kittens Daily newsletter.


2. Don Draper (no offense, Jon Hamm). When someone refers to you as “stupidity being celebrated” you probably don’t invite them to your 3rd & 4th weddings (and send them home with a gift bag packing a rumored value of $125,000).


1. Jay-Z and Queen Bey. Because our favorite couple in the entire universe wouldn’t DARE. Love you, Carter family! MWAH.

Got some speculation of your own on the KimYe weddings? Let us know in the comments!

  • Zakk

    we all know the Obama’s will be there. even if they did feel some obligation to something else like… say…being a responsible and respectable president….they will totally be there.

    • Helen Morris

      No, they won’t. They are classy. Kanye and Kim are not. You couldn’t pay them to go.

      • the_bananaboat

        Eh, the Obama’s aren’t classy either. Take a look at their history. There’s nothing classy there.

        • QuestionEverything


        • Killa B


          • the_bananaboat

            Is that the best that you can do? Is the depth of your thoughts on the matter? Pathetic. Have you ever done any research on them?

          • mode1bravo

            I’ve done research on them. Kim and Kanye should be glad they aren’t coming. Strange things happen to those who meet the Obama’s. Don’t believe me? Google it.

          • the_bananaboat

            Agreed. They are evil people.

        • Ray Thomas

          They’re educated…worked to improve the lives of less fortunate.

          • the_bananaboat

            Yes they are educated. No they do not care about the lives of the unfortunate, unless that means taxing the crap out of rich white people and then spreading that wealth to poor black people. Education alone does not indicate class.

          • Edythe Ford

            Black people are only 14% of the population. There are more whites than Blacks on welfare. They are giving the POOR of all colors an equal opportunity. And yes they are educated and have class. Sounds like some of us need to go home to mom and get some lessons in class, character, and integrity. Its classless to make racist, baseless remarks.

          • the_bananaboat

            “Black people are only 14% of the population. There are more
            whites than Blacks on welfare. They are giving the POOR of all colors an equal opportunity. ”

            Eh, they’re around 12.5% of the population. And yes, there
            are more white people on welfare. I said that they want to spread the wealth to poor black people because of the things they have said in various speeches. While they don’t care about poor black people, they really don’t care about poor white people. Any wealth they wish to spread would go to poor black people to support their base and appear to care about poor blacks. If you pay attention to what they say and what they do you can see that any program to help the poor is aimed at people of color.

            “And yes they are educated and have class.”

            Yes they are educated, poorly, but educated. No they do not
            have class. If you look at their history, the causes they have supported, the teachers they’ve had, the people they’ve called mentor or spiritual advisor, and the people they call friend you can see that they have never had class. Having class means having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior, being
            admirably skillful and graceful, and carrying yourself with honor, dignity, and grace. On the surface they may appear to have these qualities, but if you look deeper into who they are, what they’ve said, what they believe, whom they associate with, and what they want out of life then you can see that they have
            none of those qualities. There is nothing classy about either of them.

            “Sounds like some of us need to go home to mom and get some lessons in class, character, and integrity. It’s classless to make racist, baseless remarks.”

            I’m sure it does if you haven’t done the research that I’ve done on the Obama’s, their friends, their family, their teachers, their
            mentors, and their spiritual advisors. They do not have class, character, or integrity, but don’t take my word for it. Do the research.

            Since you’ve gone out of your way to make a personal attack I
            feel compelled to defend myself. I am a wife of 16 years and a mother of a son and 5 daughters. I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and attended predominantly black schools. I graduated 1st in my class in high school at the age of 16. I then went to attend a local prestigious University by the name of George Fox University where I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I then went on to medical school and earned my MD, DO, and PhD before specializing in various forms of Psychiatry. While attending college I worked and was able to pay off my student loans 2 years after I graduated medical school. My parents raised me properly. I am honest, honorable, and carry myself like a lady. As a Samoan, honor is very important to me. We do not judge others based on the color of their skin, but rather the quality of their character,
            and since we are a martial culture that judgment is often physical. We do not care if you win the fight, but if you are willing to fight. Your willingness to defend yourself and your family gives us an idea of the quality of your character.

            I agree that it is classless to make racist remarks and it’s a good thing that I didn’t do that. I do not care about race, but the Obama’s do. My remarks are based on the well-established facts. You will find everything you need online, in the books they’ve written, in the speeches they’ve made, and in the things that their friends, mentors, teachers, and spiritual advisors have said and done.

          • spartanramrodicus


          • Kim

            What about Native Americans? If rich white people get taxed that money needs to go to the Native Americans who the whites tried to make extinct.

          • Wow Ray Thomas, blacks are not the only race that has poor and wealthy people. I came from a family of wealth and educated. Go and find the statistics then complain. I am taxed heavily also, but that’s the American way. I certainly do not want you to be a poor white man spreading your wealth around. I doubt if anyone wants your money. I travel out of the USA and being poor is not a prerequisite to insult min wagers. Who knows, maybe one day you might get lucky and walk in their shoes. Walk proud and look up the statistics and entemology of what you said.

          • the_bananaboat

            You addressed that to the wrong person.

          • Matibob

            You can take the trash out of the gutter however you never take the gutter out of the trash.

    • The Obama’s aren’t particularly fond of Kimye and vice versa…nice try though.

    • Ray Thomas

      Yeah right.

    • Ellie

      I don’t think there busy. I think they hate the Kardashians. Hey! kind of like me.

  • Helen Morris

    Why would anyone with any decency or class want to go to that event?

    • Ellie

      I know right.

    • Karma Bites

      I honestly don’t think there WILL be any there that fits those credentials.

    • L777

      The Obozos have no class but still they are not going, I believe that all of these clowns don’t like eacher

      • Tim James

        So sad this is the only comment you could make. It truly shows where class is lacking.

        • Defiant

          Probably there were MANY more comments L777 could have made…

      • Ina2857

        I agree with you Tim James. There is always a classless hater in the mix. How sad.

        • judykay

          Just because someone doesnt tlike the prez mean they are haters. SO eveyrone YOU dislike you hate?? YOu are a sick puppy. Haters and racists are the two most misused words around and you people drop them like prayers. Anyone who disagrees or dislikes the new king of America hates them?? Get the hell over your slef. Go take another cellfie ok???

          • SybilSmart

            I dont like the Oblunders either so guess Im a hater as well LMAO!

          • Sonja Moore

            yall are so damn crazy talking about the President. Stupid hell yeah you’re a hater you probably like the Bush’s smdh

          • SybilSmart

            do you get all your free stuff from Ovomit Sonja Moore because I work a full time job and pay my own bills. I dont like having to pay yours as well. Here an idea get an education and do something productive with your life. LOL!

          • Defiant

            LOL! Your ebonics is showing…

          • Lynda C.

            Annnd you thought that was worthy of an LMAO? My first comment works for you too.

          • free

            The fact that she is disrespecting the Obamas makes her a hater. If you don’t like them fine. HOWEVER, he is the president and most powerful man in the free world. #Respect him.

          • teriquajones

            Barack Obama is trying to destroy the USA. Any American who respects him is ignorant or hates the country as much as he does.

          • free

            Any American that believes that is ignorant of politics. If he was trying to destroy the country it wouldn’t be hard. Lest not forget we were on the verge of a DEPRESSION when he took office. People were on food lines under Bush. Get your facts together and your news from accurate credible sources.

          • Florence Millard

            Get your facts straight. There are more people on welfare since Obama snuck into the Whitehouse than at any other time or under any other president

          • free

            Trust, if this was true he’d be impeached by now. You sound silly. Have a seat.

          • Barry Parker

            Respect is earned!

          • free

            No. If you respect yourself, and treat others as you want to be treated, respect is demanded, of you and everyone else. it’s called integrity. And they taught you that in kindergarten.

          • suzyshopper

            Respect is earned, when u can tell me what he’s done too earn respect…..???

          • free

            Clearly enough people #respect him enough to VOTE him into office. Didn’t steal the election like some other folks……

          • Lynda C.

            What about the fact that we are all TIRED of folks who have no response to anything online except to throw a comment about the POTUS in it? So you don’t like him…so what, who cares…get a life.

          • teriquajones

            Lynda, The POTUS is corrupt. I promise you that.

          • Defiant

            Oh my GOSH! A black lady sticking up for Obama! WOWZERS!

        • Money doesn’t buy class.

      • Sonja Moore

        who the hell is the Obozos?

        • Defiant

          Who the Hell is Sonja Moore? Oh das right…she da one be mad we ain’t behinds de Obamas…we rayciss…

          • free

            “Rayciss” aside, you’re embarrassing yourself as an American citizen. Then again, you may not even be a citizen.

      • Wayne Stumbo

        them 2 are a joke

      • teriquajones

        The Obamas’ are just trying to be cool. If they see that there is going to be a big crowd; they will show up.

        • free

          There was; they didn’t. Your point is moot. Next.

          • Raul Garcia

            What a joke, Just how long this marriage will last is any one’s guess. Why not just live together that way if break up happens no one gets hurt. Both have everything they or anyone would ever want. More of a publicity stunt to me.!!!!! And all the folks that well a attend that wedding, well need I write more.????

          • Florence Millard

            The only reason she (Kim) married him (Kanye) was for another huge alimony settlement! Just wait and see, it won’t take too long!

      • Defiant

        When in HISTORY would two prima donnas hang out at the same wedding!?

  • Beautyintheeyes

    How on earth did you miss him? CHRIS HUMPHRIES!!Not after his wife became someone else’s property under just 72 days!

    • Emily

      This speculative list was about “influential people” only. Oh, snap, Humphries!

      • Beautyintheeyes

        Oh ha, I didn’t read the caption, just read the obamas and went straight to the pictures..

    • Yung D. Matic Montana

      72 days? or oh no no you mean 72 hrs right? lol

      • Beautyintheeyes

        Lol, that’s not fair… She hung on for more than 72 hours at least give her credit for that. I just don’t understand how she got married to humphries when she wasn’t convinced that she loved him…. Vanity I guess

        • Yung D. Matic Montana

          Lol, Hey just congratulate them and be happy for this moment. “Keyword is Moment ” in case you didn’t catch that. HA

        • judykay

          How about 20 million dollars..that is what she got for marrying him and having that wedding. I knew the minute I saw her cross her fingers while taking her vows in the church . She is a tramp just like the rest of that family. The youngest Jenner girls are following in the tramp mohters footsteps. That woman has no dea who her kids father is and brags about it in a book, and tries to make money on Nichole Simpson for cripes sakes while screwing her husband?? The Jenner girl is in the portapotty at the wedding making out with Smiths kid and they say they were having sex. So there ya go this is what America is worshiping now the POS tramp family. AND they are allowed to breed one illegitment kid after another. How proud their deceased father must be. Pigs everyone of them, I also dount if their deceased father his any evidence for OJ because he never talked to OJ again after the trial. He did his job and never looked at OJ again.

          • Abe Foxman

            Where is Lamar ?

            Guess who Chloe is dating on rebound from her $4M/year marriage ?

            A famous gigalo that wants to impregnate her !!!
            So maybe it was Lamar that was sterile or maybe she secretly took birth control after cashing every pre-nup paycheck.

            Funny if she gets pregnant, would mean that Lamar is a limp dick crack head like daddy is can’t have children that he always talks about. Too bad for child protective services, they could have made EZ $40,000 by rescuing his crack baby

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  • butter bean sugar

    LOL . KRIS HUMPHREY / YEH RIGHT I BET HE LITTERALLY HATE THAT WHOLE FAMILY FOR pretending to like him … kim has a type of black man she chases ,and usually they are handsome kenya dont fitt that mode . .WE WILL SEE HOW THIS SHIT HITT THE FAN ! YOU CANT CONVIENCE ME THIS AINT A MARRIAGE OF CONVIENCE … these two are profitting off all the hate mail they get

    • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

      How dare you besmirch Kanye’s looks?

      • Pj Garrison

        Looks? He is ugly, to say the least. His nose is squashed, and his lips cover half his face. He ain’t got no looks. He is too uglly for words.

    • Old School

      You are correct. Kanye is NOT a good looking man, and he has no talent either.

      • jo

        He’s ugly , Reggie Bush is handsome but her Playboy lay out after that sex tape was way more than him and his family could tolerate..

        • titonura

          I think the only man she loved was Reggie, he is now a papa of a cute baby with a woman who looks like Kim lol lol a smart , classy man will be part of this trashy family

      • Yung D. Matic Montana

        bro how can you say kayne has no talent after years of giving us hits to vibe to from the songs to the beats/production come on son. give the guy his credits my dude

        • titonura

          He has not talent he has just idiotic people who don’t know about real music and happens to likes his !I don’t know or hear his music and for sure I am not missing nothing!

          • Yung D. Matic Montana

            Bet you could not produce quality production as kayna, bet you could not run a very successful subsidiary. Bet you don’t have any lyric ability or musicality incline! Yall always got negative to give nothing POSITIVE. Jesus Christ what is up with people these days. Please please grow up!

          • Yung D. Matic Montana

            P.s for the 7 ppl that liked your post all yall can go suck your mothers. Let me throw that out there. LOL

      • Sacalion

        Old School: As competitive as the Grammys are, how does a performer (Kanye West) win 21 Grammys with “No Talent”?

        • Abe Foxman

          Ask Taylor Swift, she has a house made for her awards

          • Sacalion

            Taylor Swift has won 19 Grammys.

    • jo

      The stories that man could tell about that family if only they hadn’t paid him off…

    • alaskabaybe

      His name is KANYE not KENYA. It’s not like he is so wonderful that someone named a country after him…. I think he is a rude, overbearing person who really has no class whatsoever!!

    • Abe Foxman

      her baby has grumpy face

      no smiles in family pics

      anyone give them over 2yrs ?

  • butter bean sugar

    kim kardashian is so popular cause she dates all these black men. but she is not a gold digger .. like kenyas song said … i aint saying shes a goldigger but she aint messin with no BROKE >? LOL

    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      Again, smh – Kenya is a country, not a person.

    • Ellie

      Kenya is a country. and she’s not popular at all.

    • yanni54

      KANYE PEOPLE!!!!!


        It is auto correct changing it from Kanye to Kenya

        • debra

          Imagine that ? Get Kris on that, she’ll have autocorrect changing Kenya to Kanye in no time !

    • Estella Cohen

      That’s true. So why does the average Black girl with more education and equal beauty have to lower her expectations? Why should we date or be interested a someone who can’t provide for us beyond the physical and sexual? Blacks girls wake and really listen to those lyrics. REALLY!

      • Denis Deeborn

        Yeah Black sister, wake up and listen to those lyrics and then thank God your mother taught you better than to be an arrogant, pompous filled, materialistic sponge who thinks they are better than the next person. A little humbleness, humility and integrity go a long way and also……abstinence is a wonderful concept first given to us by the one who created us all so………..might want to follow that for a while, you know, until you actually say real vows that God himself will acknowledge? It’s disgusting to see people who run after the $$$ and even more disgusting are those people who somehow think they are entitled to a life better than the next person. Fact is, like Kim K and whatever that guys name is she’s getting married to will find out, neither one of them have any clue as to what true love is because neither one of them have ever been involved in a relationship where they had that chance to know without question that they fell in love with that person for who they were on the inside, not because of some porn tape that made them famous or some failing music career that will be in the garbage within the next 5 years. Truly have pity on them but even more pity on those who feel that they will get everything they need outside of Gods perfect plan for their life.

        • Bravo!! Well said. Having slept with so many men, walking down the holy walkway as if she is a virgin in an almost nude gown, making a baby before the wedding, and mistreating your brother’s gf. I really pity Kanye, you have a long row to hoe, until the money runs out. Did you have to put 4yrs of money in an account separate from your reg income? Hope you read your prenup well.

    • You are right butter bean. So many educated sisters looking for a good man, but our men prefer to leave us for half naked kk’s. Who wears a high price stripper wedding gown, and no respect for self. Sister’s keep looking I found a great husband and would never give him up unless he is called by G-D. Try to get an occasional blood test, some bacterium doesn’t come immediately. Well Wishes

  • butter bean sugar


    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      Kenya is a country, not a person. smh

  • butter bean sugar


    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      You misspelled half the words in your comment, and why are you using all caps…in internet lingo, THAT’S SHOUTING, and it’s considered very uneducated and declasse – unless one actually IS SHOUTING!!!

      • titonura


    • Whydid Youblockme


  • Liz Hernandez Flores

    We already know that Kanye and Kim are not going to stay married for ever so why spend so much money for a temporary fix!

    • Ellie

      I know. It’s just pathetic.


      I hear in there pre-nup (mommy is renting Kim to him) she want $5,000,000 for each year. They must stay married 4 years ( even if they hate each other) and she wants the 35,000,000 house they bought.

      So she is being sold for 55,000,000 for 4 years.

      • Karma Bites

        Whatever floats their boat. Just one big pathetic family with Mamma Pimpin-K at the helm. Always at the helm.

        I’ve never known of any other mother who is first in line to so willingly sell her soul AND the souls of her daughters all for the sake of greed, notoriety and the Big $$$.

        Funny thing is, though, and something they don’t even ponder, not even for a moment, is the fact that none of them will be able to take that Big $$$ with them when it’s their time to move on to the happy hunting ground.

        Or, more like it, the pits of hell.

        • titonura

          Oh yes 100 % the true !

        • teriquajones

          Even Bruce Jenner is getting work done. He used to be cute; then he started getting work on his nose. Latest I’ve heard he had his Adam’s apple shaved down (something that Transexuals do). That is one messed up family.

          • Defiant

            ANYONE who can’t see that poor, confused, frail, cuckolded Bruce is slowly turning turning himself into a woman is nuts.

        • Defiant

          “I’ve never known of any other mother who is first in line to so willingly sell her soul AND the souls of her daughters all for the sake of greed, notoriety and the Big $$$…”

          Never seen Honey Boo Boo!?

      • jo

        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised at anything Kris Jenner does. Look at her teenage daughters lately?? They’re next

        • free

          Next? Next?! What rock do you live under? Hun, you’re tardy to the party, lmao

      • Yung D. Matic Montana

        where u hear that from?? Lol

      • Truthis78

        Where can I sign up?

      • teriquajones

        Serious?! That’s funny as hell!

      • Defiant

        In THEIR pre-nup.

    • titonura

      Exactly she will NOT act like a married woman !

    • Cherry Barclay

      i agree

    • teriquajones


    • Wanderer125

      ..cause they can.

  • Mike Stein

    What was Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton talking about??? Were they saying they won’t attend because they have been fugging Kanye???

  • Shari

    Why does every comment on here spell ‘Kanye’ as ‘Kenya’ though?

    • Karen


      • Sharon

        Give the race card a rest! Tossing it out makes YOU the racist.

      • titonura

        okay here comes again and again the RACE CARD can you stop the lame excuse?

    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      That stupid Autocorrect!!!

  • Gee

    As long as Kanye and Kim are present and accounted for….Great! May they have a wonderful life with many more beautiful children!


      what the heck are you on? They need to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • allenbam

      they’re not present, and certainly NOT accounted for now or forever! have you ever, I repeat EVER seen a pic of the two of them ‘together’ where he doesn’t have his trademark ‘sneer’ / frown on his face? show me if you can…

    • Ellie

      this marriage will only last 72 days, if not less.

  • Iam Katnonymous

    Who cares?! and why are we continually forced to hear/see (even while watching the news!) anything relating to the Kardashian family. This is her 3rd wedding & chick was pregnant by Kanye before finalizing her divorce from # 2 hubby….messiness (it can happen to anyone) but there’s no need to attend or celebrate it

    • allenbam

      how do you know she was preggie by Kayne? did you have access to the DNA reports? that B**** could have been impregnated by anyone…prove it was him (Kayne)….

      • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

        I’d be willing to be Ol’Kanye already had the DNA done as soon as the kid popped out, secretely if necessary. So no worries about that.

      • Sharon

        Can YOU prove it wasn’t Kanye?

    • monique484

      I agree Iam Kat. I have pity for kanye, they already know how much she will get In US$. if she stays for 4 yrs, and wants a divorce, will she give him what she is asking from him? I think not!!. Kanye, did you not learn anything from Tiger’s Divorce? I wish you all the blessings you can get, while the “sister’s'” wait for a professional man with money. I wish you luck and much happiness

      • titonura

        I hope she takes every single penny of this psycho ! dislike her of course but he is obnoxious indeed!

        • Cherry Barclay

          smart gal

    • Cherry Barclay

      my dear i dont give a dam

  • Lillee Casa Blanca

    We can read it in the future…She says: “He’s too controlling! He says: “She’s too busy and not being a Mom like my mother was.” Good luck people!

    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked


      • titonura

        Exactly! and is not going for a long time indeed!

  • Food for thought

    eat me

  • Jo


    • carmelo

      who cares about your grandmother…

    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      Some don’t know what Spellcheck is for. smh

    • Emily

      Yep! A word I invented in honor of the upcoming weddings. Thanks for picking up on that. 🙂

  • Edythe Ford

    This is her third marriage, if she had class they would do it in the backyard with 10 people. Not get a white wedding gown and act like you a new fresh bride. My grandmother would shake her head in disgust.

    • allenbam

      you answered your own question…IF she had class, which she most obviously doesn’t….


        They aren’t paying for it E network is.

    • Itoldtheemperorhewasnaked

      Agreed, I can’t believe the gall, or stupidity – especially after the fiasco of her last marriage. Is she freaking joking!?!

      • jo

        I think mama pimp Jenner plans all this for that reality show.

        • titonura

          But of course she is not only the pimp but I believe her PR

        • Gabriele Barber

          I don’t really watch their show.

    • Howard Lee

      If a streetwalker slut has them all stick out that were stuck into her she would look like a porcupine

      • Whydid Youblockme


      • Nina Paul

        My mother used to say that! LOL

        • Defiant

          Did you KISS your mother on that mouth!?

      • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

        I don’t get it.

    • alohalise

      3 dress changes, not one white wedding gown. This wedding could feed all the kids on Compton for a year.

      • Defiant

        It’s the daddies in Compton who are responsible for feeding those kids…not E! Or Kim and Kanye. Or the American People.

    • jo

      She has no class..

    • titonura

      Indeed ,you forgot how she make the money and fame …for a sex tape !

    • judykay

      Becareful you are about to be labled a racist and a hater LOL But I agree. I had my big church wedding with the white gown the first time. WHen my husband died and I remarried I had a small wedding (we dressed up nicely) but no white dress no walking down the aisle and not 300 people there. Kim will always have these type of wedding she should try the Liz Taylor thing and just get married and have a big party after it,

      • Defiant

        A racist? Kim isn’t black.

    • if i was kanye and had a million dollars i would give it to a random person posting on an article.

    • Cara Malise

      This is what I said about Kim K. Are you and I the ONLY ladies with social grace left in this world?

      • Edythe Ford

        I seems we are a rare extinct group.

    • Defiant

      Her arse won’t fit in the back yard.

    • Will Jackson

      Your grandmother is dead…or should be, with ideas like that.

    • newbie

      She is pure trash and an embarrassment to all women!!!

  • John Neidlinger

    This is Real NEWS. Nothing Silly here.

  • Ellie

    I hate the kardashians. Who would want to go to a wedding that would only last 72 days?

    • Florence Millard

      I think the name is spelled “Kartrashians”!

  • yanni54

    Me and my dog has decided not to attend! He prefers to rest and not be put on Keeping Up with ANY Kardashian!

    • Lol Yanni. The kardasian’s moral fiber is a bit too low for me. Who really cares? Only your true friends. Listen to your heart. Your daughter is such a doll. Well Kanye, all I can say is, “how low can you go?” If it feels bad, it probably is.

  • Jenny Roberts

    If jay not there for his homeboy than he at shit I don’t care to much about bey becuase her and kim wur not friends.But the men got way bak so out of respect he should be there for him if same sex can become one soooo can they I wish them long love and blessingz!!

  • Jenny Roberts

    All you people hateing on kim is sad you think you truly know her everyone should be happy she found someone to love her for her look at what the world has come to talk so down on a woman loving a man but run a holla same sex should be one.ijs you can only hope that one day someone might come along and love all and eveyrthing about you but if you can’t be happy for the next you will never get in for you slef.we have all done things we are not happy about did you stay down or are you up now.Haters get a life!!!!

    • murlut

      Good, there is no sense in them making 2 other people miiserable

    • King Booba Jooba

      Lol i always laugh at small minded morons like you who assume if we don’t agree we are haters. Maybe in your lil fantasy world yea, But for the rest of us who have a brain we disagree

  • zxer91

    God what I would give to have a large bus hit the entire Kardashian gang at high speed.
    Splat ! Only recognizable thing left was Kim’s huge butt with a camera next to it.

  • Old School

    I think today’s journalists either have no talent, or aren’t mature enough to know how to use it. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not news-worthy. Who gives a flying flip about who will be attending their wedding, or what clothes they are wearing today. And their junk makes it on the cover of MSN news no less than weekly.

    • titonura

      You forgot something…we are sick and tired of hear from the whole family , a brainless family , not morals or standards someone who became rich and famous after a sex tape ‘only in America” !

  • murlut

    There are losers in the world and Kim and Kanye top the list. NO ONE CARES. If its on tv, we will turn it off. The rag mags can run over there and spend money covering an event NO ONE WANTS TO SEE. Any guesses on the lengeth of the Union? Maybe 81 days to cash in

  • Estella Cohen


  • David in MA

    Look closely at the photo of the Obama’s, especially him, there is a clear skull indentation showing brain surgery…and, is this where his radio implant is, so he can receive his instructions without being seen with his handlers?

  • dina

    Classless trash. Disgusting people. Over the top idiots and narcissistic, Kim and Kanye.

  • dessertgirl

    Why are the Obama’s missing this event? They never miss an opportunity to fire up Air Force One for their own personal pleasure. What happened? They didn’t have enough notice to send in an advance team of over a hundred to scope out the most expensive place to stay or was it not enough time to fly over a dozen bullet-proof limos?

    Too bad the Bieb isn’t going? This would be a great chance for him to use the wedding cake as a fire hydrant.

  • Mike Newby

    Of course that Kanye’s the most hated and despised people in the world, the karma has finally caught up with him. Generally, no one wants anything to do with him or want to deal with him anymore because of his enormous ego, his big mouth, his horrible decisions and actions he made (for example, the Taylor Swift incident at the VMA’s, 5 years ago), etc. He’ll never be popular or liked again. He have no one but himself to blame. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been to prison or somebody attempted to kill him because of the way he is. He should just go get help, stay out the spotlight, and live life like everybody else. He made alot of enemies and he not going to change anybody’s views of him.

    • Sharon

      Mike Newby, you deserve more up arrows than one per person. You make tons of sense.

  • Robert Chapman

    Who are all these people and do they really add any value to our society? Most of them suck the decency right out of the human race!

  • Yep It’s Me!

    They have (North) I think its worth a try getting married and keeping the family together. At least try it…Hey she’s been divorced twice!

  • Lavender Sings

    Very sad that she is having this circus once again especially since they have a child .a simple classy wedding without the zoo would make more sense…I guess they both need their 15 minutes of fame for now until they get bored with each other and here we go again.

  • Jd

    Why can’t this chick just die? I’m soooo sick of seeing her name– I won’t even write it out. Why can’t she move to India or something? Damn. I’m so over her

  • alohalise

    I saw the attendees that said yes, a bunch of fourth rate rappers, no one ever heard of What does she expect, she hit them all up for a gift grab just what? 2 years ago, she’s a joke. I never heard of anyone who RSVP, on her list, all D list wannabe celebrities, the A list has all declined. Just another fashion show for Kim, while kids in America go to bed hungry. She’s disgusting. A vapid wannabe, with too much plastic surgery, she already looks like Cher.

  • alohalise

    Sad that even Kylie is all over the net, dressed like a porn star, what is she, 16? Why doesn’t CPS pick her up like they did Willow Smith?

  • alohalise

    That little piece of trash, invited the Obama’s to this spectacle, who does she think she is? She thinks she’s an A list Goddess. True quote from Kris Jenner, i am not making this up..”Kim will be a bigger icon that Elizabeth Taylor”

    No lie, she really puts Kim on that level. Delusional, they read the tabloids, but the Emperor has no clothes.

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  • Jim

    Is Ray J invited? Is he coming? He should give away the “bride”.


  • eastedie33510

    What a circus event that will be. Over inflated egos.

  • Greg Higgs

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are NOT Heads of State.

  • Ms. D

    For all you haters and bullies. If you don’t care why did you come to this website. Obviously you care, duhh! By the way The president and his wife have hung around indecent people. They do what they want regardless of their classiness. Beyoncé and JayZ are not classy at all. They worship and promote drugs, sex and alcohol. Haters will hate and lovers will love.

  • debra

    Most important of all …. Kate Middleton and Prince William !!!!!

  • Jenny Roberts

    King Booba Jooba you dnt know me but you called me small minded it is clear to anyone who read this that must be you I have my own life I don’t care about it truly just dnt see how people say a whore can’t be happy and the world act as if bey and j dont also have a pass.And I Understand you must be a hater and a lil crazy because if I feel someone is small minded I would not waste my time telling them……….. Nevermind lol!!!!

    • Sharon

      Will you please rewrite your post in understandable English?

      • Jenny Roberts

        If that’s how you feel why take time out of your day to reply to me.I was not talking to you so its not for you to understand and with that being said moving on.Thankz and goodbye

        • Thomas Parker

          I didn’t understand either

          • Jenny Roberts

            At this point the post is so old I dnt feel the need to talk anyone about it if you dnt understand it dnt read it.Thankz and Goobye

  • Paulgary Allbritton

    some many opinions on someone who has chosen to be married.I wish
    them well and god’s speed.Why are people so hateful?Is it envy? or just
    an american way?How about just a “good luck, guys” and let it go at that!

  • rustygrizwald

    Kanye is a big Ass and Kim has a big Ass. Perfect for each other.

    • wallab06

      Actually, the girl’s a.r.s.e. is twice as big as the dude’s. In fact, all of those girls and the mama slut have huge a.r.s.e.s.! This one that is getting married again and again and once more, but not over yet, has the largest and could place a 52inch flat screen on it without having it fall off!!

  • Karla Ortegon

    72 days countdown starting! 1, 2, 3, ……….or should I say “countup”? Good luck Kenye! Let’s see if you can make it past 72.

  • Vincent Jones

    Who the f*ck cares anyhow?

  • RottenJohnny

    Two getting . . . who freaking cares.

  • yahoodimossadtalmood

    How come we all know those poor schoolgirls are located in Kenya West, and no one is doing anything about it?

  • yahoodimossadtalmood

    So…I am confused…..why is that dirty Armenian famous? Because her dad was ONE of the attorneys for Orenthal James? and that is enough to be considered an socialite? Really? ok.

  • yahoodimossadtalmood

    Am I the only one who notices his jaw is completely off-center and crooked? Dumb mother bucker who cannot speak two sentences correctly in English.

  • Brenda

    I secretly think that this is the reason for Solange going off on Jay Z…he handed her the wedding invitation

  • Sharon

    I’d rather drink swamp water than be seen at this “event”.

  • Theresa Thomas

    You people are sad, why speak so nasty about people that you do not know. If you are so tired of them then quit reading the articles.

  • BunchCroook

    Goddamn another pregnant before marriages again over again.Are they somebody ? Go get some feaking life ?

  • L777

    The Obozos are not interested in going to this circus of a wedding

    • george3839

      They have their own circus.

  • mo

    Michelle and Kim could compare butts…

  • Aidan

    haters, haters, haters. Why do you all need for something to be wrong with these people? Whats in it for you to trash them? Í see a beautiful family. Let us have some class, wish them well and let it go.

    • Rob Campbell

      “Haters is a term used by weak-minded people in the face of legitimate criticism.”
      — Scott Van Pelt

  • Whitey

    Hell, for $125 grand in party favors I’ll sit through anybody’s wedding.

  • ken

    Sorry But your two rude people and besides I have to trim my toenails that day.

  • Ernestine Anderson

    This K family is so disgusting, the very fact she would have this expensive circus shows she has no dignity, any human who had a previous bogus wedding just to flaunt a gown and material things is insane. This whore is pregnant by an idiot (his mother is turning over in her grave) why would he marry a pass around, EVERYBODY has hit it before RayJ. Kim’s family (after her father died) is run by their pimp mother, she has a house full of grand bastards (truth be told the kids hate her, for the way she treated their dad) her son is a psychological mess,(however in this society money means more than morals, happiness, God, love) because of his mothers insane love for money, power, and fame, she has and is prostituting her second set of children, all of her kids are baseless, boring, flatlines, to the pimp matriarch, who ever pays more can have her children she gets 10%, forget about God, he doesn’t pay. I know money makes things easier, but if you look at this family, do you see ANY real happiness?

  • GameTime

    BeYawnCe’s legs are more muscular than Dizz-Z’s. Look at that skinny clown.

    As for Oblabber and Moochelle: Who cares? We are so done with them. They were “accidental somebodies” for awhile.

    • Will Jackson

      Why do I get the feeling you don’t like African Americans?… Don’t you know the white dis-eased “race” is doomed to oblivion?

  • Gabriele Barber

    Would rather see them helping some homeless children and doing some good in this world.

  • Hzzard Wallace

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  • sir mitch

    it must be hard to be the beautiful people.

  • I wont be going either. I do not agree with inter-racial marrige. The difference in cultures are hard for a child to understand.

    • Will Jackson

      That remark is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Kids “get it” quicker than any adult; it’s you older people who can’t handle it. You have NO idea what you are talking about! My kids have eight ethnicities and three continents in their bloodline, and they LOVE it — affords them the most intellectual
      versatility in ANY situation.

      • Most people prefer a pure breed dog. Some like a half breed – they are cheaper. Then you got dogs like your kids that are not good for anything. Just like their perverted parents.

        • Will Jackson

          If you are referring actually to MY kids, comparing them to dogs (and mongrels), then I wish to cut your balls off and not stop there. Your breed is sick and obsolete. If I ever chance to meet you face to face, I will F#$% you up.

          • Most people are brave on the internet. If your kids are anything like you, they are not worth a good head. I happen to be a Vietnam Vereran and could my D–K up you A$$ before you knew you were homosexual. You are a coward and your children should be sold into slavery.

  • I guess my invitation got lost in the mail.

  • Sonja Moore

    I can’t believe her ass wore a white dress knowing she’s not pure or a virgin it would be different if she didn’t have North but damn is Kim that stupid to wear a white dress after 3 marriages Lord have mercy please pray for her dumb ass

    • Saboor

      She considers herself a “virgin” until her list of marriages is below 100.. Virginity is only a question of mindset

  • Melinda Caldwell

    To add insult to injury, she even wore white!!! And think of all the poor, third world countries that could have benefited from all that money wasted by a bunch of shallow, self-centered egotists!

    • Sonny

      Blame the motards that buy his records and pay for her perfumes and clothes. Not to mention the sheeple that buy Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE magazine that constantly put these simpletons up on a pedestal.

  • Saboor

    … and I am not going to join either.. sorry Kim. maybe next time (in a few months)

  • R. Walter

    Who is Kim Ye ???? lol

  • Kriss Krossdresser

    This is an amazingly telling article! I feel so well informed about science now!

  • Adultery has no shame. It is hard to believe that prostitutes get so much publicity.

  • Mike Renfro

    Umm. They pay for people to attend…

  • What Da Diddy-o?


  • UA Jr

    MIss Shell might as well go. She’ll fit in well with the trash.
    Of course then though, we the taxpayers will have to pay for whatever fugly gown she wears.

    • Will Jackson

      You who talk trash, are trash.

  • Patria Nostra

    Who is KimYe ?

  • Defiant

    LMAO! You KNOW you’re “B-List” when Moochelle Obama doesn’t even want to use you for publicity OR a free meal!

    Still, it’s better for the American People. The Obama’s have proven time and again that they feel as though the American treasure has been trasnferred to their private ownership. Moochie would probably end up giving Kim and Kanye Air Force One…or the original Constitution…as a wedding gift!

    • Will Jackson

      Are you sure you know how Michelle feels? Are you sure you know how anyone feels? Are you sure you know how YOU feel?

    • Defiant – yes you are absolutely correct. And michelle’s past spending habits and open disgust for our country proves it.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    He’ll have to stay a head of her during the wedding, due to the fact if he should get behind her, it’d take a week to walk around her Butt!

  • While I’m loving the idea of getting a gift bag worth $125K, the possibility of getting stabbed in the spleen will keep me away from the wedding.

  • Sorghum

    this story is now Hi-Story

  • ehh

    Every day I’m hustling…..

  • bob

    Why is this a news article? Should have never been printed, stop giving these writers another page to advertise on.

  • WilliePierce

    Whenever Michelle O. is mentioned, I can’t help but think about the brilliant idea it was to hashtag that we want our girls back. I wish someone would have thought about that as WWII ramped up. Just think, rather than sending so many soldiers to die, we could have simply hashtagged “Hitler, get OUT of Europe!”

  • There is absolutely nothing I care to hear about these idiots.

    Unless a meteor smashes into the ceremony, wiping out the entire crowd. That would raise the average IQ of humanity a couple of points.

  • shovel ready

    turn it into a fundraiser and Obama will be there

  • I would have gone:)

  • Mike Pincelli

    Yeah the 0bamas are too busy, that’s it. Pffft. Doing what? Wondering how they can get away with letting 5 + million illegal criminals stay in our country without every American turning on them more than they already are? No comment on the kartrashian wedding thing, it wont last anyway!

  • marcthepig

    If Kim wears white, it would probably be the only time she had anything white ON her.

  • portobellogal

    An apt demonstration of the delusions these two are under; they actually thought the POTUS and the First Lady would even consider attending this car-wreck? He is a buffoon. She is a disgusting wh*re with an ass bigger than my VW Beetle. I wish they’d just both OD, and take that disgusting mother of her’s along.