Nail Art Tutorial: 2 New Year’s Eve Looks from Petite Peinture

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LBD? Check. Statement jewels? Check. Fancy-yet-walkable heels? Check. Champagne cocktails? Check, check, check, aaand check.

Your New Year’s eve wardrobe is almost complete… but not without one of these stunning New Yea’rs Eve nail art looks, from the talented gals at Petite Peinture.

Want to know how to create this rich and moody teal glitter gorgeousness, and remind yourself of sparklers lighting up the night sky every time you sip your champagne?


…or this pretty pink bubbly look, that will make you feel like a fancy lady, sipping on rosé and lavished in diamonds? (And which would go perfectly with our pomegranate mint lime sparkling cocktail recipe…)


Then read on, dear reveler, for the full tutorials for each!

Teal Glitter Burst Tutorial



Kristen (Bombshell)
Missy (It Girl), currently available (for an amazing deal!) in our Festival of Lights trio
Camille (Classic with a Twist)


(use a base coat, allow time to dry between all coats!)

1. Paint a base of Kristen (Bombshell) onto thumb, index, and pinky fingers.

2. Paint base of Missy (It Girl) onto middle and ring fingers.

3. Apply striping tape or thin nail vinyls onto the middle finger, radiating them from one corner to the other side.

4. Paint Kristen (Bombshell) over the striping tape. Slowly remove the tape after several seconds.

5. Gradually build up a gradient by applying Camille (Classic with a Twist) onto the tips of the nails on the thumb, index and pinky fingers.

6. Paint Camille (Classic with a Twist) over the ring finger.

7. With a thin brush, paint Camille (Classic with a Twist) along one side of the silver lines on the middle finger.

8. Once completely dry, apply top coat to all nails.

See the full, pin-able tutorial here:



Pink Bubbly Tutorial:



Natalia (Boho Glam)
Nell (It Girl)
Missy (It Girl)


(use a base coat, allow time to dry between all coats!)

1. Paint base color of Natalia (Boho Glam) onto all nails

2. Apply nail vinyls or masking tape slightly off center, leaving the exposed area along the outside edges.

3. Paint Nell onto the outside edges and slowly remove the tape after several seconds.

4. Using a dotting tool, dip into Missy (It Girl) and create dots along the seam between Natalia (Boho Glam) and Nell (It Girl).

5. Once completely dry, apply top coat to all nails.


Thanks, Petite PeintureI love these nail looks. So easy, yet so extravagant! Which are the exact same adjectives I hope will also describe your New Year’s Eve, whatever it entails.

Tell us: Which of these looks are your favorite? And what will YOUR nails look like on New Year’s Eve?