Nail Art Tutorial: Back to School Doodles

by Kris Redmond | 0 comments

It’s that time of year again. School’s in session… time to bust out the Lisa Frank folders, marbled composition books, and bouquets of newly sharpened pencils (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?!).


To celebrate the season, I created a super simple notebook paper mani. Follow the steps below to master the look—an easy A!

Colors Used:



Step 1: After applying your base coat and giving it time to dry, polish your nails with two coats of Brigitte (or your favorite white polish!).

Back 2 School Step 1

Step 2: Once your base color is dry, dab a couple drops of Margaret onto a piece of foil or paper plate. Attach your striping brush to the Plie Wand and dip the brush into Margaret. Carefully draw four thin lines across each nail, starting about a third of the way down your nail. Don’t put too much polish on your striping brush, or your lines could end up too thick. Better to start thin and add to them if necessary!

Back 2 School Step 2

Step 3: Once your blue stripes are dry, dab a couple drops of Rose onto your foil or paper. Dip your striping brush into Rose and draw a thin vertical line down the left side of your nails, leaving some space along the edge.

Back 2 School Step 3

Step 4: Dab a couple of drops of Jet onto your foil or paper and get creative! What kind of things did you doodle in your notebooks when you were in school? Make it your own!

Back 2 School Step 4

Step 5: Once your designs are dry, apply a top coat to protect your mani from chips.

Feature Pic Option 2

This “teacher” would definitely give your notebook looks an A++! Please share them below or on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #julepmaven!