Nail Art Tutorial: Two-Tone Tips

by Sierra C | 2 Comments

Get set to try on some two-tone style–we’ll walk you through the easiest nail look ever. The best part? You can totally customize the look to fit your mood, your style, or your outfit. (And we definitely want to see your take on this look! Share your tips on Instagram with #julepmaven so we can all get in on the fun.)

For this look, we used our Champagne & Caviar set: Beatrice (It Girl) and Johnny (Bombshell), plus our super handy Plié Wand™ with striping brush. Which color pairings are you excited to try?


The great part about this look is its versatility; you can try it with any colors and any finishes to go from casual to glam in no time. Now go forth, nail artists, and try your hand(s) at two-tone!