New For Mavens! Daily Deals on Our App

by Emma Thesenvitz | 55 Comments


There are secrets and then there are secrets (meaning the ones that are so juicy you can barely keep your lips zipped). Well, we’ve sat on one of those secrets long enough and now our lips are officially flapping.

Mavens, meet Secret Score. It’s a new feature on our iPhone app that brings you exclusive sets, unexpected treats, and all-time favorites at unbelievably great prices. We’re talking 60% off. 65% off. What was that? 70% off? No deal is off limits.

The best part: There’s a new Secret Score every day.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Every weekday morning at 9am PT a new Secret Score will be available on the Julep app (right now, iOS only).

Check it out and if you love it, it’s yours—with free shipping—in just two taps. But be sure to snag your score quick! Each deal will only last 24 hours…or until the goodies are all gone.

How to Get the Secret Score

First: You have to be a Maven to get in on this #mavenperk.

Second: You need to download our iOS app (or update to the new version if you have it already).

Third: Your default Maven billing information and shipping address need to be up-to-date and accurate. If they’re not, your Secret Score order will not be fulfilled. So go right now to your account and double-check your info. We’ll wait for you right here…

Good to go? Great.

Fourth: There is no fourth step. Mavens with the Julep app are ready to shop the Secret Score. So what are you waiting for?

Ladies, grab your phones!