The Oxygen Family Grows by Two!

by Emily R | 1 Comment

In June, we’re introducing two outstanding additions to our polish-loving lineup for healthy, beautiful nails. Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and Oxygen Performance Top Coat are finally here!


From Cool Idea to Superstar Ingredient: A Quick History of Oxygen Technology 

In 2013 we released Oxygen Nail Treatment, a sheer pink “nail makeup” powered by patented Oxygen Technology which allows 30% more oxygen to reach the nail bed, promoting stronger, smoother, healthier nails.

Oxygen Nail Treatment was an instant hit. You love it, beauty editors love it, Julep Parlor guests love it, and frankly we can’t get enough of it (you can hardly walk past a desk here at Julep HQ without spying the pale pink bottle).

But Oxygen Nail Treatment is best worn alone, so our next step was to reformulate our nail colors to include Oxygen Technology as well. Done and done! Julep Color Treat boasts the same healthy breathability as Oxygen Nail Treatment, making your nails beautiful and healthy at the same time.

A base coat and top coat are the next logical steps in Oxygen Technology’s evolution from a cool idea to a superstar ingredient. And they’re here at last! With the addition of these two Oxygen-powered products, we now have a base coat/nail color/top coat layering system of DREAMS. Big, fresh air dreams full of strong, healthy nails, and fast-drying, long-lasting manicures. Le sigh.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

This base coat is an instant office favorite! It eliminates the appearance of any tiny imperfections you might have on your nails (splitting, peeling, ridges) creating a perfectly smooth canvas for color. But, with its milky white sheer matte tint, there are a lot of ladies around the office who are rocking the base coat on its own.


SO PRETTY. Since when are base coats pretty enough to wear alone? (Answer: since now. June 2014.)

Oxygen Performance Top Coat


The silver bottle is a nod to a key durability component of this high-performance top coat: platinum. There’s also a little bit of nutrient-rich caviar extract in the bottle which keeps nails hydrated for optimum health, and helps your manicure with flexibility.
Please note — it really does have extract of caviar (it’s not just a fancy ingredient name) so unlike the rest of our nail lineup, this top coat is not vegan. 

Oxygen Performance Top Coat dries fast, shines big, and delivers serious staying power.

We are over the moon about this one.

Mavens, say hello to stronger, thicker, conditioned nails and the nail polishing system that dreams are made of. Literally.


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  • Dana T

    I think this is one of the months I am MOST excited about!! I am a base coat and top coat JUNKIE and I love anything that is also beneficial for your nails…I am not happy with just throwing something on because it lasts long or stays shiny!! I am very excited about the oxygen technology and all the nail boosting benefits these products have!