People Tested. Animal Approved.

by Michele | 6 Comments

I frequently get asked the question as to whether or not Julep tests on animals. As the VP of Product Development, I can firmly reply—no, Julep does not test on animals. While I am an animal lover myself, and my dog Chloe is a Julep team mascot, my stance against animal testing is only partially related to this affinity for four-legged creatures.

These days, there is no need to test products on animals. The basic compounds we use have been demonstrated safe for humans in the past. At Julep, we thoughtfully craft innovative, unique and effective formulas that are known safe-for-you and free of top chemical offenders. And, always cruelty-free.

Our goal is simple: to help you brave new looks and become the best version of yourself. Where do we test these looks? On our colleagues and ourselves. Never, ever on our mascots.


  • Susan T.

    Thanks Julep! This is awesome and one of the major reasons I buy my products from you!

  • DesignFriend

    Great to know!!!!

  • Ashley

    I love that Julep is “cruelty-free” in that you don’t test on animals, but it isn’t cruelty-free to use honey, beeswax, caviar extract, or carmine!
    I was just about to buy some new eyeshadows and thankfully I checked the ingredients, because Julep is using carmine again??? It’s so very unnecessary to use this (cruelly squished insect) dye in your products… it can cause skin reactions in some people, and is frankly disgusting. Honestly I’m tempted to stop buying Julep products… I was so glad when the Sweep palette came out and was vegan (thank you for not using lanolin or carmine in that one) but was horrified that the newer palette contained carmine. And some of the duos do! I consider that a step down, and it just degrades your product (every other darn company uses carmine…please change this!).
    So many ethical consumers would prefer that Julep were *actually* cruelty-free… please pass on your animal love to all species.

  • Candice Louise

    Thanks for using a bully breed for this…. Sooooo Cute!!!!!

  • Erin

    I’ve got to second Ashley! I have started reading the ingredients of all Julep products to make sure they don’t contain stuff like carmine- I know I’ve gotten an eyeshadow duo (Moonlight & Starlight) that has it, as well as a gel eye glider (Smoky Plum) and a lip gloss (Daring). It’s so disappointing to see this in Julep products! Other companies are able to make the same items without carmine and I would implore Julep to do the same! I don’t think people would want to put crushed beetles on their faces if they knew better!

  • H.C. Bishop

    Not everyone has to be vegan. That’s a choice you make. Not everyone takes things that far.