The Perfect Nail Color for Every Spring Fashion Trend

by Helen Potter | 2 Comments

Like any fashion-focused individual, I’m always taking into consideration how to further complement and accessorize an outfit.

Glasses? Don’t need them, but hey, what’s another great accessory that frames your face and trumpets your aesthetic to passersby? Socks? Why not let crazy patterns poke out of your high tops or provide a flash of color when you cuff your pants and kick up your heels?

So it’s the same when it comes to choosing a polish color. Nail polish is simply another accessory, and a very captivating, playful, and ever-changing one at that. Your color choice can provide a counterpoint to a certain look or outfit, and is an ideal way to accessorize and express your personal style.

With all the new spring trends rolling off the runway, let’s take a look at the freshest trends this season and the best polish choices to pair with them.


Fringe is popping up on all sorts of pieces: handbags, clothes, and as an especially saucy twist on shoes.

Emilio Pucci 2014 Collection

Emilio Pucci 2014 Collection

Ride this glamorous festival season vibe all the way into the hottest months of the year by keeping your nails vibrant with colors like Brielle (Bombshell), Donna (Bombshell), Abbie (It Girl), and Amy (Boho Glam). If you’re really feeling inspired, try some ikat print-inspired nail art with the help of our new Plié Wand and Creativity Kit.


Pared-down white silhouettes with sheer and semi-sheer panels are big for spring as well. The clean aesthetic of this look feels particularly refreshing in the heat.


Calvin Klein Spring 2014 Collection

With a look this crisp, a bright white like Brigitte (Classic with a Twist) is one of my absolute favorite looks, especially against sun-kissed spring skin. You could also go for something like Gemma (Boho Glam) or Florence (Classic with a Twist) which has just a blush of color. Conversely, you could take this is in a totally different direction and try a darker neutral. Annemarie (It Girl), Winona (Classic with a Twist), or Alaina (Classic with a Twist) would all look striking paired with this trend.

Orange lip:

That juicy shade of tangerine is the “it” color of this spring. Especially favored as a bold statement lip, Rag & Bone contrasted it against otherwise muted make up and toned down outfits.


Rag & Bone Spring 2014 Collection

Use your nail color in the same way you’d use this eye-popping pout. Go for neon colors on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange to offset in a calculated clash. For example, the gorgeous purple Flora (It Girl), cheery blue Annie (Bombshell), sophisticated Char (It Girl), or vivid Bailey (It Girl).

Neon and neoprene:

Futuristic cuts, stretchy scuba-like fabrics and pops of color have been rising in popularity. Beachy sandals like Birkenstocks and Tevas and clothes that look almost like swimsuits are resurfacing in a blend between fashion flashback and flash-forward.


Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 Collection

Offset some of the wilder colors with creamy pastels and white-based tones on your nails, in a dressed up, au naturale nod to this laid-back surfer aesthetic. Experiment with shades like Jules (It Girl), Penelope (It Girl), Bea (Bombshell), Shenae (It Girl), and Malala (Classic with a Twist) when it comes to this look.

Black and white:

Just as all white is trending in all its unfussy glory, sharp combinations of black and white are also popular this spring.

Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014

Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014

Clean lines, clean silhouettes, and little to no color might not be what first comes to mind when considering months where Easter baskets are involved. So I suggest you provide a traditional contrast to this nontraditional trend: burgundy and wine colored nails. Go with Myrtle (Classic with a Twist), Nic (Bombshell), Evelyn (It Girl), or Anisa (Classic with a Twist).


Menswear-inspired pieces, in particular classic striped white and blue oxford shirts cut in boyfriend styles, are very trendy this spring. Paired with feminine heels and girly make up, this style is sophisticated and no longer just for the boys.


Altuzarra Spring 2014

Play up the sophistication by going with greys and very pale blues on your nails, mirroring whatever hues found in the stripes of your ensemble. Try Susie (Classic with a Twist), Jeanne (Boho Glam), Meryl (Classic with a Twist), and Harley (Bombshell).

Sporty chic:

Feminine but tomboyish sportswear-influenced pieces have been infiltrating the closets of many this spring. High fashion sweatshirts, sneakers, baseball caps, and varsity jackets are a dime a dozen. This cute and comfortable trend lets women play with and glamorize the traditionally male organized sports uniform.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2014

DKNY Spring/Summer 2014

Keep that playful approach in mind when selecting your nail color, and go with something punchy like Harriet (Boho Glam), Kayla (Bombshell), Leah (It Girl), or Raegan (Bombshell).

Modern art:

Pieces decorated with brushstrokes and abstract patterns reminiscent of modern art have been surfacing, most famously at Céline.


Jil Sander Spring 2014

Mirror this feeling of childlike creative abandon and go with straightforward crème polish in primary colors or a plain black, like Jet (It Girl). Gunta (Boho Glam), Alma (Bombshell), Payton (Bombshell), and Myriam (Classic with a Twist) are all great choices.

What’s your favorite spring fashion trend? Do you have a go-to nail polish color to match? Share your thoughts in the comments!

  • Guatemala Girl

    I have a modern art dress. The Peter Piolotto Target red dress is my personal fave.

  • Love a fresh pedicure in a bright bold colors while wearing a saucy,platform sandal during spring. The more colors the better. If you work in a field were you have to look professional than a closed toed sandal until till your day off. Then it is time to show a little bit of leg with a dainty anklet to remind your partner of the day you met, the smell of fresh cut flowers and love hit you in the forehead!