Watch This! How to Master the Plié Wand Dotting Tool

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment

Are you now in possession of a shiny new Plié Wand and Creativity Kit?

Then you’re going to love today’s edition of our new how-to video series, “Watch this!” because today’s video is all about your new dotting tool.


A few key things to remember about the dotting tool:

1. It’s not just for polka dots. Yes, polka dots are the best. But be sure to have fun experimenting with other shapes you can create using your dotting tool. You can even practice on paper before taking it to your nail. Put down a single dot and drag it—it’s a raindrop. Put two dots next to each other and bring them to a point—it’s a heart. Put five dots in a circle and a different colored dot in the middle—it’s a flower. Put a bunch of different colored dots all over the place—it’s confetti! The possibilities are practically endless … unless you’re in the mood for squares. (Striping brush to the rescue!)

2. Don’t dip it in the nail polish bottle. It’s easier and cleaner to pour out a dollop of polish onto a piece of foil or wax paper and dip into that.

3. It’s easy to clean. You can wipe off your dotting tool with acetone-free nail polish remover, or wait until the polish dries and simply chip it off.

Have you used your Plié Wand dotting tool to create a nail art masterpiece yet? Show us in the comments!

  • Louise H

    Loving the dotting tool!!