The Plié Wand

by Emily R | 119 Comments

Nail polish lovers of the world, say hello to the biggest revolution to your manicure since nail color:

PlieBrush.skinny The Plié Wand™

Isn’t she gorgeous? Created by our chief innovator Jane Park, made real by global design & innovation firm IDEO, and touched by Mavens along the way, the Plié Wand™ has finally graduated from dream to reality. Starting in May 2014, the Plié Wand & accessories are available on Yay! Note: Mavens, this exciting release is available in many May Boxes.

Why do I want a Plié Wand?
To describe the Plié Wand, we like to use the “pen cap” comparison. Imagine if the writing tool you’ve used for your entire life (pen, pencil) was just the length of a pen cap. Or, the length of a nail polish brush. Then someone handed you a full-sized pen. So much room for a personalized grip. So many options for comfort & control. So much better! That’s what switching to the Plié Wand is like.

The Plié Wand was designed with common polishing pain points in mind. Most notably, polishing with your non-dominant hand. The wand’s name is inspired by the French verb plier (and by the elegant movements of a ballerina) which means to bend, or to fold, which the wand does like so:
Plie with Bette

The Plié Wand can be used completely straight, or it can pivot until you find your ideal resting point. This polishing tool is truly all about you.

How do I use a Plié Wand?
Glad you asked! First you’ll swap the standard Julep overcap with the Plié Wand’s overcap. Then snap the magnetic Plié Wand into place. Polish one hand, and then switch to your other hand. Here’s a demo by our colleague Erica:

Accessories available for the wand include an ergonomically advanced precision brush, and supplies for nail art enthusiasts like a striping brush and a dotting tool.

Keep your eyes on our blog for super fun & easy Plié nail art DIYs in the near future.

We’re really excited about the Maven response to our game-changing polishing tool. Thank you so much to the crowdfunders for your overwhelming support.

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  • Kristen Redmond

    I am so looking forward to trying this out! Can’t wait to see the May colors to go with it! 🙂

    • You’re going to love them, Kris!

  • Melissa

    If we pre ordered then are May box is paid for, right?

    • ntrigueme

      Yes! There should be a credit in our account for $19.99

    • Yep! Unless we add add-ons. I got a FAQ email a few minutes ago.

      • Melissa

        Awesome! Thanks so much!

    • You’ll be good to go! You’ll still have the option for add-ons. 🙂

  • Kandace Legue

    Im super excited for my May Maven box! This should be great to play around with. Does the accessories come along with the wand in our Maven subscription boxes?

    • Hi Kandace, all the accessories will be available as add-ons.

      • Kandace Legue

        Hi Julep,
        Thanks!! That will be great! I look forward to every subscription box I get but this one more so than past ones. Speaking of which are the colours I already own compatible with the wand?

        • For the best polishing experience with the Plié Wand, you would want to use our polish, however it may work with other brands. Try it out, OR you can buy extra overcaps to keep your julep brushes nice and clean.

          • Kandace Legue

            🙂 well I only own Julep products so I was just curious if the colours I already own like Kayla or Coretta is compatible with the wand. I used to use other polishes but I bought 1 of yours and tossed all my other brands. I only buy from Julep now. I plan to get the addons and more as soon as my box is available for changes.

  • Amanda Mae

    I really hope that’s not going in every May box cuz I really don’t want it

    • Yep, there are several box options that do not include a Plié Wand.

      • Amanda Mae

        Thank goodness. I just don’t want to use a big ole wand. My tiny hands are already used to a regular nail polish brush

  • Jenny

    So……excited. Maybe & hope I will be able to polish my nails as a pro.;-)

    • It takes a few times to get used to it, but you’re going to love it.

  • Susan

    Are the new bottles, from now on, going to have round caps?

    • Nope, the bottles will remain the same, and the Plié Wand overcap will fit on top. Check out the video above to see a demo.

      • Susan

        Thank you for your quick reply! 🙂

  • Shelly Hursh

    What do those of us get that paid the money a while ago?? Can’t wait to use it!

    • You’ll get the chance to still choose what box you want, but it will be prepaid. The polish colors are gorgeous this month, so let us know what you decide! 🙂

  • Sara Jones

    Wow! Do we get the new Plié overcap with our maven boxes!

    • Yep!

      • Riann Gianni

        OMG. Yay! Thanks

  • Tanya Roberts

    im excited to try. hope it helps my nails not always look a mess

    • It takes a few tries to get used to, but practice makes perfect and it works wonders!

  • Jamie Kelley

    Will it be in every box. I hope so I want one.

    • It will not be in EVERY box, as not everyone is as eager as we are :), but it will be available in 4 of our choices this month, AND as an add-on!

  • Rebecca

    I have been counting down the days this month! I can not wait to get my May box in the mail!!!

    • Only a few more days left in that countdown! Yay!

  • Kelly Collison

    I’m so excited about this! I have a lot of issues painting with my non dominant hand. This will be a life saver! Great for pedicures too!

  • Karen D

    If only it was universal for those other polish brands we have. That aren’t as awesome as julep, of course!

    • Ashleigh Larkin-Pelafigue

      You can use the extra brush that comes with it for your other polish! It seems like they’ve thought of almost everything!

    • Adrienne Harper

      I’ve tried it with other brands (butter, Illamasqua) that have overcaps and no the Julep overcap does not fit 🙁

  • Dani Golightly

    I can’t wait! It’s hard to believe that no one thought of this before. So genius!

    • We can’t wait for you to try it, Dani!

  • Cat

    I’ve been waiting for these to come back! So excited to get mine in May!!!!

    • We’re so excited for you to get it, Cat!

  • Faina

    How do you clean in between different colors/polishes?

    • Rebecca

      The video says all you have to do is wipe it with nail polish remover 🙂

    • Yep! Check out our video for easy clean up 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I just recently found out about the Plie wand, but I am so so so excited!! I always love the creative nails that I see but I can never do them myself (I attempted a double chevron look last week and it was a disaster). I’m especially happy about that striping brush!

    • Yay! After a few tries, you are going to be a chevron wiz!

  • Kirstin Axford

    I’m super excited!! I can’t wait! I hope I get one!

  • Danielle Pointer

    I’m so excited! I missed the pre-order and now I can have both hands neat and try designs!

    • You sure can! 🙂

  • Genius!!! 😀

  • Michelle Erin Park

    Will the accessories and extra caps be available later if we do not take them as add ons in this box? Will they cost more/less then?

    • Emily

      We’ll have caps & accessories (and Plié Wands!) available as add-ons in the coming months, so you’ll have more chances to grab them at super special Maven pricing.

  • Claire

    Oh my gosh I am so excited!

  • Maree Fields

    Can’t wait to get the Plié Wand Overcap!! So excited about this….thanks Julep!

  • Racheal Lindsay Hodges

    If you paid to sponsor the wand is your box this month free?

    • Emily

      There were a few crowdfunding options that didn’t cover your May box, but most Mavens chose the one that did… Check your email for our “Crowdfunders need-to-know” that went out last Friday, April 18. Thank you sooo much for the support!

  • Lykeesha Miles

    Omg I’m so ready to receive minds JULEP YOUR THE BEST!!!

  • amy

    I’m on a tight budget right now but maybe I can use mothers day as my excuse to get this months box! I used to be a painter so this long handle makes so much sense to me.

  • Rebecca Ray

    This is the most awesome tool ever! I can’t wait for my May box!

  • neha dalmia

    I am all for innovation and technology.. Cant wait for 20th.. literally..

  • Stephanie

    I can’t wait to give the new wand a try. By the way what color was Erica using in the video?

  • Amisha Patel

    Will you ever be restocking the cuticle pusher anytime soon? I’ve been checking daily for 4 months and calling but no one can give me an answer except that it’s coming from Europe and they don’t know when.

  • LovelyAngelLady

    I must admit. I’m totally psyched about trying the new Plié Wand. I can hardly wait!!!

  • Michelle Pearce

    I can’t wait to try this new wand!! I love all the new colors!

    • Emily

      Thank you — us too! LOVING the Fresh Twist collection SO MUCH. We’ll be posting a blog about color naming inspiration once the boxes start shipping…Stay tuned!

  • Sandra Ann

    In the email it said a box optiion called Color Crush, is that new?

    • Emily

      Color Crush is a special polish-only box in May for lacquer lovers who aren’t interested (yet!) in the Plié Wand. It Girl is normally polish-only, but in May we’re including the Plié Wand in the It Girl box, and we wanted to be sure to have a box option to suit every Maven’s choice.

  • Hazel

    I am so excited for this! I have been wanting to try it, but have not had the finances to purchase things besides the beauty box. Super excited you are giving us this tool! Thank you!

  • Kristine DePalma

    Oh my gosh…I LOVE this…do we really get them in our May Maven Boxes?

  • Angela Hamilton

    So this wand & the overcap will be in the May box?

    • Emily

      Most of the May boxes. We made sure to have an option without the wand for our lacquer lovers. Be sure to read through the Maven Reveal Window closely so you know what to expect in your selection.

  • Mae S. Gates

    Will we be able to buy extra Plie wands?

    • You bet! The Plié Wand will be available as an add-on, and in the coming weeks will be for sale on, too.

  • Beth Amato

    Is there a bonus for those of us that prepaid for this during the crowdfunding several months ago?

    • Emily

      Hmm. What kind of bonus do you mean? You’ll see a credit on your account for the crowd funding amount (thank you!!) so your May box is already covered. That’s surely a bonus in its own right!

      • Beth Amato

        I guess. All of the other crowdfunding that I’ve participated in have given some type of incentive or perk for helping the artist or individual or company reach their goal. Some of them have even been exclusive to crowd funders only. That’s what I will probably do with mine in a few months 🙂 I’m thinking about doing a limited edition exclusive print for participants 🙂

        • Emily

          Ah! The original perk was a guarantee to receive the Plié Wand before anybody else. But our total funding amount was nearly double our goal (!!!), and we were able to produce enough wands for every May box. Still though, Mavens are first. Currently non-Mavens can only pre-order the incredible tool, with shipping slated to begin in late June at the soonest.

      • Victoria Lynn Haase

        what about those of us who aren’t seeing the credit?

        • Emily

          Victoria did you call our Maven Experience Team and get this worked out? 877-651-3292
          Please let us know if this still needs resolution!

          • Victoria Lynn Haase

            I think I figured it out, thank you! For whatever reason, the credit didn’t show up on screen, but I wasn’t charged for the full amount. Thank you =)

  • rachel

    what is the coast of it

  • Valerie Weber

    Does the wand have flat or round bristles?

  • Kristy Keaton

    What about all the Polish bottles I currently have?? Will the wand not work for those? Will the future bottles have the cap automatically or is it an option??

    • ally

      You just pull the cap off your current Julep bottle. Try it out.. when the bottle is closed, pull on the cap firmly and slowly. It comes off to reveal a different cap. You place the wand onto the small cap that remains

      • Kristy Keaton

        Ok. Thanks! 🙂

  • Fierce_Forever1020

    This comes in out May Julep box?! Will this come in the march mystery box?

    • Emily

      The contents of the Mystery Box are a mystery — even to most of us who work here!

  • Suzanne Pitt

    Woweee! I love Julep nail polish, so I’m really looking forward to the overcap and the wand! What a great idea. Feel sorry that so many women suffered polish mistakes, including me, without these.

  • Jessica Edwards

    Ah! I can’t wait to see the boxes this month!

  • Sara Lenore McDevitt-Heacock

    I am SO excited about this! I have a tough time using the square caps to paint my nails especially with my left hand.

    Also, I did not know the square top was just a cover. lol.

  • Zoe Caceros

    Is the Plié cap going to be in June’s box? I signed up for Maven boxes on the 19th being a day late so I am not able to get May’s box.

    • Emily

      Hi Zoe! The Plié Wand and its accessories will be available as add-ons during the Maven Reveal for the June boxes. This means you’ll still be able to grab one at super special Maven pricing. Welcome to Julep Maven!

  • Krissy Diel

    Hmmm, if we choose the ultimate upgrade does it add a second wand to our box? Or if I want a second should I stick with the Polish Lovers and use an add-on?

  • Rosalina

    I’ve already placed an advance order for one back when you were originally showcasing these. Should I be expecting this to come in the mail soon?

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Okay, so Julep said that the overcap would fit over our existing polish bottles after we remove the square cap. If that is the case then why are they selling brushes with the overcaps? Also, on the 10 pack there are ten brushes but only two overcaps. wouldn’t we just need the overcaps and no brushes since we already have brushes on our bottles? Sorry I’m so confused.

    • Having extra caps makes life easier than switching out the caps every time. This way you can keep Plié caps on your favorite shades at all times, or use them with other polishes.

    • Amanda Loibl

      I’m a little late to the party but the extra brushes are nice if you have a favorite polish that isn’t julep. You can toss the old brush, plop the julep brush in there and now you can use your favorite non-julep polish with the wand. =]

  • Fierce_Forever1020

    We cant use coupons on the may box add ons can we :”(

    • No unfortunately you cannot.

  • Drew Smith

    For the cleaning, do you recommend nail polish remover with or without acetone?

    • We recommend acetone, but only on the bristles not on the wand itself.

  • Thank a Veteran.

    I paid already for the plie and this months box, I had 1000 jules before I did anything. I bought the box with the plie and added on one polish and guess what? MY pre-paid plie I am being charged $19.99 and I should owe NOTHING. I also sent three emails about a polish I received that was unusable with no response. I do NOT want charged $19.99 when I already paid for this months box including the plie. Does this company ever even read their emails? What do I need to do? I already paid once for this months box including the plie and I am being charged for what I already paid for!!!!! I should have believed the negative comments and wondered why they charged for the plie ahead of time to sell them and now they say I owe $19.99! I sent an email but on the bad polish problem I NEVER received a response and I am concerned the site states I owe when I should not, that is double billing!

    • Amanda Cohee Good

      It looks like the same thing is happening to me too!? Hopefully other mavens are checking their order history & receipts.

    • Liz Koch

      I had a problem with Julep several months ago, and after emailing and receiving no response, I tried commenting on the facebook page. They responded ASAP! I would try doing that 🙂

    • jen

      Maybe you’ve already resolved this but in case you haven’t. ..
      I called julep for a similar question, and I learned that the billing info they show on their site isn’t 100% accurate. You might want to check your bank statements to see if you’re truly being double billed. I thought I had been overcharged (pre-payed May then added an upgrade) but turns out my bank statements showed it’s been billed correctly even though the julep site info looked very off. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • How should I clean the overcap when I’m done and want to use another color?

  • We recommend acetone remover, check out the video above for cleaning techniques.

  • junglequeen505

    I’m sorry I skipped this box! I really need this plie wand for my nondominant hand! I skipped this box as I just joined the maven club three days before the next box came out. I could not afford two boxes in one month but darn I truly need this plie! I can do beautiful nail art on my left hand and on daughter’s hands but not so much on my right hand. I hope when we can purchase this individually that it won’t be too expensive!

    • Amanda Loibl

      @junglequeen505:disqus If you haven’t gotten it yet, the Maven price for the wand is $20 and you can use the coupon code “PERK10” (which expires at the end of May) and you get $10 off. Then you get your wand for only $10!

  • Ashleigh Larkin-Pelafigue

    So excited! Got my shipping email today! Can’t wait – got my first Ultimate Upgrade! I crowd funded… Am I getting on Plié or two? And, just a thought Julep, but I sense the need for a super cute pouch to hold the Plié Wand and it’s accessories!!!

  • leebee

    hi!! so i was super excited to use my new plié wand when it arrived today – woo! good results for my first try with it, however, the precision brush is all stiffened up. i cleaned it with nail polish remover before starting as directed, and again with nail polish remover after use, but i am noticing the bristles are really stiff. any suggestions for this? help!

  • Andrea

    I love this idea it’s so useful since we can gain a better grip and paint our nails more precisely, so excited to try this product out!!

  • S M

    What color is featured in the plie wand brochure we received with the wand? The purple color shown in the picture on this blog entry? Thanks!!

  • lulu mcphearson

    How do you clean the wand?? Mine is gardening quickly!

  • Sherry Carroll O’Neill

    I paid nearly $72.00 for my May kit (all the polishes, plus the plie and attachments) Here it is the 14th and they STILL haven’t shipped it. I can understand the Plie being on back order. But why can’t the ship all my nail polishes???? I’m usually a very understanding person, but I am totally ticked off about this!

  • Santa Barbara Reader

    Sorry . . . I seem to have overlooked the PRICE of this little beauty! How much IS the Plie wand? I’m quite interested in buying one — I think.

  • Victoria

    I know May was a while ago, but when everyone got the plie wand in their boxes, mine only came with polishes and an overcap. No wand. I was so confused when I got it and the little insert had the wand in the picture. I had no idea what the cap was for and was totally baffled lol. But now that I know I was supposed to get the whole wand I’m sorta sad. Not asking for anything (since I actually just ordered the plie wand and creative kit with my jules!) but just pointing it out! There could be more mavens out there that only got the overcap in their boxes too.