The Plié Wand

by Emily R | 119 Comments

Nail polish lovers of the world, say hello to the biggest revolution to your manicure since nail color:

PlieBrush.skinny The Plié Wand™

Isn’t she gorgeous? Created by our chief innovator Jane Park, made real by global design & innovation firm IDEO, and touched by Mavens along the way, the Plié Wand™ has finally graduated from dream to reality. Starting in May 2014, the Plié Wand & accessories are available on Yay! Note: Mavens, this exciting release is available in many May Boxes.

Why do I want a Plié Wand?
To describe the Plié Wand, we like to use the “pen cap” comparison. Imagine if the writing tool you’ve used for your entire life (pen, pencil) was just the length of a pen cap. Or, the length of a nail polish brush. Then someone handed you a full-sized pen. So much room for a personalized grip. So many options for comfort & control. So much better! That’s what switching to the Plié Wand is like.

The Plié Wand was designed with common polishing pain points in mind. Most notably, polishing with your non-dominant hand. The wand’s name is inspired by the French verb plier (and by the elegant movements of a ballerina) which means to bend, or to fold, which the wand does like so:
Plie with Bette

The Plié Wand can be used completely straight, or it can pivot until you find your ideal resting point. This polishing tool is truly all about you.

How do I use a Plié Wand?
Glad you asked! First you’ll swap the standard Julep overcap with the Plié Wand’s overcap. Then snap the magnetic Plié Wand into place. Polish one hand, and then switch to your other hand. Here’s a demo by our colleague Erica:

Accessories available for the wand include an ergonomically advanced precision brush, and supplies for nail art enthusiasts like a striping brush and a dotting tool.

Keep your eyes on our blog for super fun & easy Plié nail art DIYs in the near future.

We’re really excited about the Maven response to our game-changing polishing tool. Thank you so much to the crowdfunders for your overwhelming support.

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