9 Seattle Spots Loved by the Julep Creative Team

9 Seattle Spots Loved by the Julep Creative Team

Look, we’re all for spontaneity when it comes to exploring new places, but a short list of must-visit spots from like-minded locals is always nice to have in your pocket when traveling.

In this series, we tap local ladies from various cities to give us their absolute essential places they recommend to anyone visiting their city for the first—or hundredth—time.

First up: A list of Seattle spots that come highly recommended by the Julep Creative Team. Enjoy!

Dino’s Tomato Pie


My favorite bar in all of Seattle right now is the darker, divey-er younger brother to Ballard’s trendy Delancey: Dino’s Tomato Pie. Dino’s is a casual, quirky, no-fuss place to grab a slice of pizza and a strong drink. Snag a booth, get a negroni on draft, and argue with your friends whether the square or round slices are better. (For the record: it’s square.)
– Taylor Nelson, Visual Designer

Moorea Seal


Moorea Seal’s eponymous boutique has been a Seattle staple for years now, but her airy (and much larger) new Pioneer Square store took things to the next level of ’gram-worthiness. The new storefront carries an even greater assortment of carefully curated finds—from clothes to home goods—than the original Belltown location.
– Hannah Ching, Senior Copywriter

London Plane


Calling all avocado toast fans! (Let’s be real—that means all of you.)
Part cafe, part boutique, and part floral workshop, the London Plane is a brunch triple threat. Stop by for a morning coffee, a fresh-baked pastry, and an array of well-curated items. The best part? They make all their bread fresh in-house, and yes, it’s really that good.
– Kailey Strachan, Associate Art Director

La Marzocco Café at KEXP


Located within walking distance of Julep HQ, this spacious coffee shop has a nice laidback vibe that’s perfect for off-site working sessions and much-needed caffeine breaks. What makes La Marzocco unique is that they host different roasters from all over the world, changing up the guest roaster every month or so.
– The Julep Creative Team

Volunteer Park Conservatory


Here’s a challenge: Go to the Volunteer Park Conservatory without staging a photo shoot. Yes, it’s infinitely Instagrammable, but it’s also very meditative. It’s a living, breathing space that’s ripe for reflection.I stroll over when I have writer’s block, need some quiet time, or otherwise find myself wishing I had a reset button. It’s different every time I visit—thank you, cycle of life—and helps me to grow and change my ideas too.
– Kali Swenson, Copywriter

Seattle Water Taxi to Marination Ma Kai


Whenever I have out-of-town guests, I always take them for a ride on the Seattle Water Taxi from downtown to the Seacrest Dock in West Seattle. Marination Ma Kai is conveniently located right off the dock, and they serve delicious Hawaiian-inspired food and drinks. The outdoor deck is perfect for summer cocktails overlooking the Seattle skyline across the water.
– Jaydra Porterfield, Project Manager and Producer



This cute whisky bar serves up lots of amazing craft cocktails—and they even serve sushi. What’s not to love?
– Alison Rachuk, UX Designer

Caffé Vita Coffee


If you want a deep dive into Seattle coffee culture, the Caffé Vita Capitol Hill location hosts a free public brewing school every month. You also get to sample the coffee you brew using various methods.
– Vickie Miao, Photographer

Myrtle Edwards Park


I love rolling around this nearby waterfront park with my dog/best bud and my husband. We love to watch the big ships go by Elliott Bay, and it’s also a great spot to see Mount Rainier on a clear day.
– Gemma Amos, Video Director and Editor