Skip the Brush: Easy Looks & Pro Tips

by Emily R | 25 Comments

getting cheeky

Skip the Brush Crème-to-Powder Cheek Sticks FINALLY hit the shelves this month in our August Maven collection. We say “finally” because we’ve been having fun with these all summer and we’re excited to finally share & gush about them with others!

Skip the Brush goes on creamy, gives you a plenty of time to blend how you want, and then sets for long-wear. Four shades available from left to right: Desert Rose, Peony Pink, Golden Guava, and Moonlit Sand.

You can see swatches of each in the August Maven Reveal blog post, about halfway down the page here.

Pro Tip: Desert Rose & Moonlit Sand are the easiest highlighting & contouring duo in your makeup bag. More on that below!

instant gratification

Look how easy it is to go from fresh-faced to….Fresher faced. Soooo easy.

Here’s a closer look:

1. Dot, don’t swipe

We do three dots on our cheek with Skip the Brush in Golden Guava. The first dot is about two fingers width distance from the nose. We also make that first dot the biggest, with the most concentrated color.

2. Blend blend blend

We do a combo of gently patting & blending upwards until the powder is just how we want it. Presto! Easy cheeks. Ready for the day.

3. Bonus! A little extra

Put a little Skip the Brush in the same shade (Golden Guava, here) on your finger for some color your lower lip, and a little bit more for eyelids. It’s so easy, sometimes we think it’s even easier than not wearing makeup at all.


Skip the Brush is awesomely versatile. Put it on your cheeks, your eyes, your lips… Also, are you ready for the easiest highlighting and contouring you’ve ever done? Yeah, us too.

1. The “C” methodnight-look-step1_v2

  1. Highlight with Skip the Brush in Moonlit Sand by swiping from your brow bone down under your eye in the shape of the letter C.
  2. Contour with Skip the Brush in Desert Rose with three dots on your cheek, making sure the first/lowest dot is the biggest, with the most concentrated color.
  3. Use your fingers to blend blend blend outward from your eyes, and upward on your cheeks.

2. A little extra highlighting


Skip the Brush Moonlit Sand is maybe our new favorite everything. Put a little on your finger to highlight your Cupid’s Bow, and the inner corners of your eyes.

3. Cheek color = lip color


We used Skip the Brush in Desert Rose on the cheeks, so we finish with a little on the lips! You can try this with any color. Peony Pink is an office favorite for the cheeks + lips combo.



We’re highlighted, contoured, cheeked, lipped, lidded… Skip the Brush should’ve been called Skip the Everything & Save All the Time.

We’re taking any questions you might have in the comments! As always, we’d love to hear which Skip the Brush colors you’re getting, and what you’re doing with them. Happy Maven Reveal, ladies!

Shop the Skip the Brush here.

  • Susan Forest-Rode

    Fantastic. When I heard there was going to be blush this month I thought, ‘meh’. Almost 60 I quit wearing blush a while ago as I think it often looks too fake or harsh on older skin. However, I love how 1. easy this is 2. natural it looks 3. versatile it is. What’s not to love? I was trying to decide which one would go with my skin tone (fair skin with blue/grey eyes). Now after seeing how to use it I may have to get all of the colors. On a side note, I love the model’s eyebrows. Which color is she wearing? I wish I had brows like hers. Thanks Julep for another great product.

    • Her eyebrows are a DREAM. She isn’t wearing any brow color here (when she does, she opts for Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home in Cool Brown). She DID use a little Lock Down Your Brows to hold em’ in place.

  • Candece

    These cheek sticks look awesome! The only thing I’m a little disappointed about are the swatches. Usually you have very good swatches from fair, tan, and dark skin tones. For these cheek sticks it looks like the first two swatches are the same skin tone, fair. There appears to be no swatch for tan. I have no idea how these blushes will look in skin similar to mine. I thought since its summer you would definelty have a tan swatch with everyone being out in the sun and all.

    • Noshin

      They have swatches on different skin tones in their August Reveal blog post.

    • mimz

      Candece! I am naturally tan skinned, so I was disappointed about that too. I think the best colors for tanned skin are desert rose and moonlit sand, that’s what I am getting. Although I’m skeptical that I might be too dark for the moonlit sand, but it looks like a beautiful highlighter 🙂 The pinks might be too light to show on tanner skin tones. Hope this helps

  • Hannah

    Would love if there had been photos of peony pink on the face in this post! I need to see more than just the swatch pics. This was way more helpful than seeing the swatches. 🙂

    • Glad you liked, and sorry we didn’t get Peony Pink in there! I don’t know if this will help, but the pink is lateral to Golden Guava. It’s the same soft intensity, but glows with cool pink rather than warm peachy gold.

    • Bonnie D

      I’m wearing the peony pink on cheeks and lips. It’s a pretty bright pink at first glance but it’s fairly sheer when you blend it in. My phone washes out colors somewhat so it’s a bit brighter in person

  • Kimberly

    Hello – I am trying to decide the best color to get for my August Maven box and am having some challenges – is there a place where we can see the colors compared with some recommendations for skin tones? I *think* dessert rose is the best option for a neutral palette that would also go with mauve lip colors. “Brown” does not look good on me.

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      I wish they had that too. I’m trying to decide between the pink and the guava. I’m fair and usually cool toned but that doesn’t mean the guava wouldn’t look good. I think the pink is going to be too pink for me.

      • Nicole O

        I’m cool toned as well and got the moonlit sand one. It looks amazing 🙂 it has a bit of sparkle to it once it is set on your skin.

  • GlamorousGirl

    I am the most intrigued by Peony Pink and Moonlit Sand. Love to try new types of products like this. I wasn’t going to go for the Ultimate Upgrade but this post helped me change my mind, seeing how versatile these are. I wish it included eyeshadows too, but I guess I will be adding those as extras. Love the dewy appearance of the model’s face here. What a great summer look!

  • Sahar Naimi

    My Guava and Peony Pink just came in the mail and I love everything about them, especially how creamy they are. I was surprised by how shimmery they are, but I wish there was a brighter shade as a highlighter? The moonlit sand is a bit too blue-toned for my skin but something more like a the champagne powder highlighter would be perfect. Just a thought? LOVE them so far though!

  • Jodi

    I just got my first Maven box yesterday and I’m extremely disappointed in the colors/items in the box….pale/cream colored nail polish and nail stickers that I’ll never use, along with a purple polish I used on my 4yr old daughter. I was impressed with the eye liner, polish colors from my trial which is why I signed up and am most likely going to cancel my subscription after this one. I think it’s just too much money for the amount of products in the box, and previously subscribed to the the New Beauty Tube and received a lot more for my money with several full sized items and more make-up items. I guess I didn’t understand the time limit on choosing the products in the box since it was “closed” when I went in to view them. Not impressed.

    • Jodee Rowley

      The Maven window is open from the 20th to the 24th each month. When it’s open you can choose whatever you want to be in your box, so you never get anything you would never choose for yourself! Pretty handy. I have an alarm set on my phone so I never miss the window! 🙂 I hope this helps!

    • Susan Forest-Rode

      Everything that Jodee said plus, if you haven’t tried the cream nail polish you should. I choose it because I’m always looking for a good neutral even though I wasn’t too crazy about the swatch. It looks different on than it does in the pictures and I like it a lot.

    • Stephanie M

      Well, this is Julep, its mostly nails not makeup so why join if you only wanted makeup? Or opt for the makeup only box instead of a mix. Sorry, just confused by that. I wouldn’t give up so soon, you can choose exactly what you want and don’t want, including colors. I love it personally, but to each thier own!

  • Danielle Heberle

    I didn’t get a cheek stick in my box but this looks awesome!

  • April W

    I love the Golden Guava that came in the August box! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Prior to this I was not a huge blush person or wearing make up everyday. SInce, this product arrived I have used it almost EVERYDAY! I’m thinking I just need to get the other 3 colors very soon!

  • LisaJo Everett Hienz

    I want to love mine but when it arrived it was “broken” the color blush part was stuck up in the top.

  • Darlene

    When I received mine it was broken off in the lid .

  • Kristine

    I couldn’t decide either as I liked all of them so I got all 4 colors! Love!love! Them, I’m able to use all 4 and just add a little mascara n eyeliner.

  • disqus_Jrf5KQWPwB

    I love the color and the product… Sadly I live in Arizona and mine came all melted into the cap… I tried melting it back down into the tube..It was a mess.

    • Alison @ Julep

      Hi – please call customer service. They will be happy to send you a replacement.

  • Sarah Havel

    Can you update the page to include the pictures again? Seems like they’re gone. I