Spring Mani Spotlight: One Season, Two Gorgeous Color Paths

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

Despite the chilly temps and harsh conditions still blanketing much of the country, spring is just around the corner—and that gets us in the mood to add an extra boost of color to our looks.

Today we’re zooming in on two totally different, totally on-trend, and totally gorgeous color paths: pastels and brights. Whether you decide to stroll into spring like a lamb or leap in like a lion, these fresh, uplifting hues will help you kick-start the new season in a fresh state of mind.

IMG_2127 A rainbow of gorgeous options. Left to right: Lilou, Sunny, Cassie, Madison, Elisa, Bette, Bess, Bailey, Denver, and Phoebe

Step Into Spring with Pretty Pastels


Left to right: CassieElisaDenverBess, and Lilou

Soft and subtle, but never boring, pastels offer a refreshing reprieve from winter’s darker, crisper palette. Whimsical yet approachable, feminine but not demure, this season’s sherbet shades create a relaxed, ready-for-fun atmosphere, prepping fingertips for springtime staples like strolls through the park, pit stops for gelato, and that first glorious day in a floral sundress, sans tights.

Leap Into Spring with Vivid Brights

IMG_2244Left to right: Bette, Phoebe, Madison, Sunnyand Bailey

If fortune favors the bold, then spring’s saturated neons could be your new good luck charm. Irresistibly fearless and beaming with charisma, these high-gloss crèmes and iridescent shimmers are the life of the party—perfect for a season full of chances for adventure. Let these bright beauties be the twinkle in your eye as you mix up a pitcher of margaritas with friends or say “yes!” to that spontaneous road trip.

Which color path is calling your name this spring? The good thing is, there’s no need to choose. In this case, you can have it both ways.