Put Neutral Nails in Overdrive

Put Neutral Nails in Overdrive

Surprising Takes on Nude, Black, and White Nails

The boldest statement? The one that requires a double take. Like, “Did she really just say that?” Let them think it over rather than shouting it loud and clear.

The latest nail looks toe the line between statement and understatement, packing a punch in their small details and sheer unexpectedness. Embrace the nuance of these next-level neutrals.


Negative Space
These nude nails don’t go fully naked, instead enticing low-key drama in what they choose to reveal or cover up. Go bare but better with negative space that perfectly frames natural curves.


Graphic Details
Graphic details are like punctuation—the small yet integral marks holding everything together. Dots, lines, and dashes can declare a lot as bold distillations of style. Wield black nail polish with the precision of a pen.


White Out
In an edgier take on negative space, geometric cutouts enhance the crispness of white nail polish by matching it with defined lines. Go for maximum effect with minimal color.


Yellow and Orange
Hear us out on this one: Yellows and oranges are basically nudes with the heat and saturation cranked all the way up. Like a tall glass of OJ or mug of hot lemon water, these shades are juicy and acidic but with just enough sweetness to become an everyday staple.