The April Fool’s Prank We Can’t Stop Playing

by Meghan Carlson | 3 Comments

We did our best to play a fun prank on all of you, but we didn’t stop there!

The Julep Jokesters were out in force this morning, playing a clever prank on their unsuspecting co-workers that couldn’t have been more perfect, given our line of work.


April Fool's Nail Polish Prank

A selfless bottle of Amytaking one for the team in honor of April Fool’s Day.

aprilfools5Rose lies in wait on a keyboard.

aprilfools4Greta gets in on the fun, too.


Sylvia loves shenanigans.

And boy, did it work! You might think that, with so much nail polish around, we’d be used to the occasional accident. But on our precious laptops? Oh, no. There were audible screams in the office this morning. And then lots and lots of laugher. April Fool’s success!

It’s not too late to pull a fast one on your own friends, family, and colleagues! Here’s the step-by-step for turning one of your cherished Julep bottles into an object of good-natured mischief for April Fool’s Day:


1. Pour a blob of nail polish onto a flat sheet of parchment paper or a plastic bag. Make sure the blob is not too thick, but not too thin. It needs to be thick enough to peel off when it’s dry, but make it too thick and you’ll be waiting forever!

2. Let dry for several hours or overnight. (Hey, an April 2 prank is the ultimate April Fool’s Prank. They’ll never see it coming!)

3. After it’s dry, wedge something sharp (a box cutter, in our case) under the edge of the blob and start peeling it off. If it’s fully dry, it should start peeling off from there fairly effortlessly.

Pro-tip: After you’ve peeled it off, don’t stick it onto another surface until you’re ready to prank! Store it on the parchment paper or plastic bag until you’re ready to use it. This will help dry out any remaining tackiness in the polish, but it won’t actually re-stick to the surface.

4. Place on an unsuspecting friend’s desk, keyboard, carpet, or other treasured space. For dramatic effect, place an open bottle of nail polish on its side (make sure it’s EMPTY or nearly so, so you don’t have a real spill on your hands!) near the blob, so it all looks like a horrible accident. Then, sit back and wait.

We had lots of fun playing this prank around the office. Not only is it an easy and harmless way to celebrate April Fool’s Day, but each blob is reusable!

Did you play any pranks today, or have any played on you? Share your funny stories in the comments!