It’s Here! The Customizable Maven Box of Your Dreams

by Maria McNamara | 198 Comments

We’re SO excited to finally share this big, big news.

Starting with your June Maven Box, you’ll have the option to switch into one of our new customizable subscription tiers. With My Maven and Maven Luxe, you can personalize your box as much (or as little) as you like. So you’ll always get exactly what you want.

You asked for this, so we’re making it happen—because we want you to fall head-over-heels in love with every single Maven Box.

Not interested in customization? That’s ok! Nothing about your current subscription will change unless you want it to.

My Maven

We’ll continue to curate five monthly Style Profile boxes, each with over $40 worth of polish and product. When you log in during the Monthly Maven Reveal, you’ll see your default Style Profile box. Browse through all the boxes to find a good starting point.

(No need to adjust your screen…we’re using a black & white version of our May collection to model these exciting new features. You’ll see June in full color, of course.)Customizable_Maven_Box_1

Now for the fun part: Let’s say you love one Classic with a Twist color but not the other. Click or tap ‘swap out’ to remove it from your box and reveal all your other options.


Click or tap on an image to bring up the color description. Click or tap again to view swatches.blog_PDP_ModalAssess your options. Pick your favorite. Click or tap ‘swap in’ and voila! It’s in your box.


Don’t want the monthly product? Swap it for an existing one, or add another color to your box. Each time you swap something in or out, the list below will automatically update to show all the options available to you. Once you’ve created the perfect box, choose your add-ons and save. Easy!

If you want to switch your current Maven subscription to My Maven, you’ve got two options.

Month-by-month subscription $24.99/month
3-month prepaid subscription (best deal!) $19.99/month

Maven Luxe

Do you find yourself adding on extra products or tools every month? Switch to Maven Luxe and get over $60 worth of beauty innovations and bestsellers in every box. This tier is also 100% customizable, so you’ll still have the option to choose colors from the monthly collection.

Month-by-month subscription $39.99/month
3-month prepaid subscription (best deal!) $34.99/month

Want It?

To make the switch, simply log into your account during the June Maven Reveal (May 20th-24th), click the green CUSTOMIZATION IS HERE banner on the ‘Edit My Box’ page, and choose your subscription tier.


Q: Do I have to switch to one of the new subscription tiers?
A: No, switching to My Maven or Maven Luxe is completely optional. Nothing about your current subscription will change unless you want it to.

Q: If I switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe next month, does that become my default subscription tier?
A: Yes, you’ll continue to enjoy a completely customizable box each month.

Q: If I switch to My Maven or Mave Luxe, will my skip privileges change?
A: Nope, not at all.

Q: If I prepay for a three-month subscription, does that mean I can’t skip during those three months?
A: When you prepay for a three-month subscription, you’re really prepaying for your next three Maven Boxes. If you have the option to skip during those three months, you absolutely can! The credit will stay in your account until you use it, and you won’t be charged again until it’s gone. Please note that prepaid subscriptions do auto-renew, so once you’re out of credit, your card will be billed for your next three Maven Boxes.

Q: After I switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe, do I have to customize each month?
A: Nope! You’re welcome to customize each box, but you definitely don’t have to. If you don’t log in and make changes to your box during the Monthly Maven Reveal (20th-24th of each month), you’ll receive your default box. (Please note: the price of each monthly box depends on your subscription tier, whether or not you choose to customize your box in any given month.)

Q: Can I switch back and forth between My Maven and Maven Luxe?
A: Yes—after you make the initial switch to My Maven or Maven Luxe, just call or email our or Maven Experience Team if you decide you’d like to switch to the other customizable tier.

Q: Are upgrades customizable?
A: Upgrades cannot be customized at this time.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: Our Maven Experience Team is here to help! Just email or call 877-651-3292.

Tell Your Friends

Starting May 1, all new Mavens will enjoy a completely customizable box. Mavens who sign up before then will start off with a non-customizable subscription, with the opportunity to switch to a customizable tier during their first Monthly Maven Reveal.