Throwback Thursday: Rock and Roll Enchantress

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment

It’s Throwback Thursday once again, so today we’re sharing this shot of the woman Rolling Stone once called “the Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll,” who’s been nominated for 13 Grammys, and whose signature style never fails to enchant us with its mystical beauty … the one and only Stevie Nicks.

Portrait Of Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks hit it big with Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s, during which she developed an on-stage fashion sense all her own: combining bohemian, mystical, and gothic elements for a look that perfectly complemented her unforgettable voice and profound songwriting skills. You might even call her the original “Boho Glam.”

This photo shows off a few of Stevie’s signature pieces, including her gauzy shawls, long, layered necklaces, and long, flowing blonde locks. She was known to wear multiple shawls throughout a show, color-coordinating them to suit the mood of each song. Platform boots and top hats were also two of Stevie’s signature concert looks, as is the moon pendant necklace seen in this shot. All together, her theatrical flair—which included various flowers, scarves, feathers, and stuffed animals decorating her tambourine and microphone stand—created an enchanting, dream-like atmosphere with Stevie at the center, reigning the stage with the air of a cool, confident gypsy queen.

Get the look on your nails: Dark and smoky, with a crystalline, reflective finish, our Stevie, a concrete gray frost, perfectly captures the deep, multifaceted magic of Stevie Nicks’ signature style.