Throwback Thursday: Swinging into Summer

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

SUMMER IS HERE! So for today’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we couldn’t resist sharing this vintage photo of the ultimate old Hollywood dream girl, Rita Hayworth, living a true summer fantasy. From the gorgeous outdoor scenery to the vivid colors and Rita’s joyful expression, this photo instantly puts us in a sunny state of mind:


A dancer turned world-famous actress and pin-up girl, Rita Hayworth epitomized the “bombshell” look in the 1940s—in fact, during WWII, her image was infamously said to have been emblazoned on the atom bomb for this very reason, though that rumor turned out to be untrue. (Her character’s name from Gilda, in which she played the title femme fatale and performed a legendary one-glove striptease, was printed on the bomb, though.)

The original photo of Rita swinging was printed in black and white, obviously, but we couldn’t resist this updated technicolor version that perfectly captures the happy, warm-weather vibes of the photo. Plus, the color combination is to die for! Even if you’ll be spending more time in your cubicle than on a swing this summer, dressing yourself in cheerful peach and vibrant magenta is sure to put you in a good mood.

Get the look on your nails: Our new powder peach crème Kelsey (Classic with a Twist) looks good on every skin tone, and is a gorgeous way to channel Rita’s cheerful sun dress on your nails. For a bolder, truly “bombshell” spin, add floral accents or an accent nail in Bette (Bombshell), our electric neon purple crème. This unique, uplifting color combination will definitely turn heads this summer.