Vintage Pastel Nail Art

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Daffodil yellow, rose quartz pink, serenity blue, driftwood taupe…even the names of our June Collection polishes are swoon-worthy! These saturated pastels are just the right combo of light and bright, and the crème finishes make nail art super easy. See our tutorials below for two ways to wear, each nail below showing a step.

(As always, all looks start with Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and end with Oxygen Performance Top Coat to make your mani last longer.)

Look 1: Outside The Lines


Get the look:
1. With a striping brush, draw two diagonal criss-crossing lines with Adrian (Boho Glam).
2. Cross over with two more lines with Lindsey (Boho Glam). No need for perfect placement!
3. Finish off with two or three more lines of Matilda (Color of the Year). Done and done.

Look 2: Flower Power

Get the look:
1. Start with a solid coat of Alaina (Classic with a Twist). Let dry.
2. With a striping brush, create a star shape, and draw two half-flowers with Luella (Color of the Year). Use a normal brush to fill in the flower petals, depending on the size.
3. Add accents of Lorraine (Classic with a Twist) by drawing over the star and outlining the flowers with your striping brush.
4. Use a dotting tool to add clusters of dots in Naveena (Wonder Maven). The idea for this is abstract and fun, so imperfection is okay!

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