Vivid Sheer Nail Art

by Cara | 10 Comments

Get excited, ladies—this blog post is the ultimate nail art how-to. We’re sharing a whopping SIX looks using the juicy Vivid Sheer polishes from our April Collection. Watch the easy steps unfold on each nail below.

(P.S. All looks start with Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and end with Oxygen Performance Top Coat to make your mani last longer!)

Look 1: Boho Berry

Get the look:
1. With a striping brush, draw diagonal lines in a V-shape with a white creme polish like Brigitte (Classic with a Twist); then fill in the sides.
2. Draw a point between the V to make a W-shape and fill in with another layer of white.
3. Paint over the original V-shape with one layer of Ari (It Girl). Let dry.
4. Draw over the middle triangular shape with Delaney (It Girl). We love how one layer of blue has a sheer, jelly-like finish—super fresh.

Look 2: Fresh-Squeezed Geos

Get the look:
1. Paint one full layer of Brigitte (Classic with a Twist); let dry.
2. With a striping brush, draw criss-crossing diagonal lines with Ari (It Girl) and Gigi (Boho Glam).
3. Fill in one side with Ari (It Girl). Let dry.
4. Fill in the other side with Gigi (Boho Glam). Layer it on top of Ari (It Girl) so it creates a third shade of orange-pink. This look screams summer!

Look 3: Creamsicle Frenchie

Get the look:
1. Start with a stripe of white, then fill in for an oversized French mani look.
2. Wipe the brush on the side of the bottle to remove almost all of the polish, then lightly swipe Ari (It Girl) going from one side of the nail to the other, but not all the way to the edge.
3. Do the same with Brynn (Bombshell). These strokes don’t have to be perfect at all. Just brush a few times for a light watercolor effect.

Look 4: Flashback Brights

Get the look:
1. Using Ari (It Girl), draw three or four uneven circles.
2. Draw more uneven shapes with Gigi (Boho Glam), filling in the spaces around the dots of Ari (It Girl).
3. Fill in more bare spots with more dots of Brynn (Bombshell) and Marissa (Boho Glam). Don’t worry about overlapping or even mixing the colors (working when the polish is still wet is totally okay!) That’s what makes this look fun.

Look 5: Neon Bubbly

Get the look:
1. Start with two large rounded dots of Ari (It Girl). Let dry.
2. Using Delaney (It Girl), layer two more round shapes on the top and bottom of the nail, crossing over Ari (It Girl). Let dry.
3. Do the same with Shanna (Bombshell), crossing over both pink and blue on the sides of the nail. Leave the nail bare in the middle for a super unique negative-space mani.

Look 6: Grape Goes Electric

Get the look:
1. Paint one full layer of Brigitte (Classic with a Twist).
2. Use one layer of Delaney (It Girl) over the white in a round U-shape. Let dry.
3. Make a smaller U-shape with Ari (It Girl) (yes, it’s Ari!) The mix of the blue and pink creates the purple shade here. Two layers will make the dark berry color seen on the pointer finger.

Used alone, layered over each other, swiped on top of white…the ways to heat up your mani are endless! How are you wearing Vivid Sheers? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Stephanie M

    So pretty, fresh and colorful, and easy too. Can’t wait to try some of these!

  • Tammy Nicole

    1St attempt! I’m in love with these colors

  • JanelleRN

    Love the colors & they play together so well! SO GLAD that I upgraded & got ALL the VIVID SHEERS!!! 😍

  • Tammy Nicole

    Love these colors

  • Erica Marie

    Yesss!! Thank you for posting this!! How have I not seen until now?! I know what I’m doing tonight…!!!! 😉

  • Janet

    Hi, So far, I love the colors and concepts of Julep, however the results have not been great. How long does it take for the polish to dry and it seems to smude when I do a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. HELP!

    • Beth Arnold

      So glad I’m not the only one with this issue! Have you figured out a way to make it work?

  • Marina Bekker

    LOVE IT! thanks for the idea… keep it coming!
    IG @marinarina8

  • LaToya Arrington

    I am going to try one of these this weekend

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