Watch This: Easy Chevron French Manicure with Your Plié Wand

by Meghan Carlson | 2 Comments

We know you’re going to love this modern twist on the classic French manicure, especially because it’s even easier to get the look using your Plié Wand!

Check out this quick DIY tutorial to see how it’s done:

Chevron French tips are a great way to practice with your new Plié Wand striping brush, because it allows you to draw two short lines rather than one long line that goes all the way across the tip. Plus, the unique shape is utterly chic!

What do you think of this fun twist on the classic French? What color scheme would you use? We love the tonal purple contrast created by Elisa (Boho Glam) and Octavia (Classic with a Twist), but we can totally picture this nail art in all sorts of different color combinations.

Ready to try this look at home? Share a picture with us in the comments!