Flexible Friday: Watch This! How to Prep & Clean Your Plié Wand

by Meghan Carlson | 4 Comments

Happy Flexible Friday! Today we’re sharing another how-to video from our new series, “Watch This!”

Today’s installment is all about the before and after of using your Plié Wand. How should you prep your wand before your first use, and how do you clean it after you’re done polishing? Watch the video to find out! (Hint: It’s easy!)

All you need is nail polish remover to prep your Plié Wand precision brush and striping brush before your first use, and to clean your accessories after use. We love using the Clean Slate Polish Remover kits for this, because you can dip the brushes straight into the packet—no fuss, no muss! But any method that allows you to wipe off the bristles with nail polish remover should work just fine.

One important note, though: DO NOT put acetone on any plastic elements of your Plié Wand or accessories, which can damage the plastic. If you get polish on the plastic, just let the polish dry and then chip it off.

Do you have any tips on how you like to clean, store, or use your Plié Wand? Share ’em in the comments!