Wedding Nail Art Inspiration: Something New

by Meghan Carlson | 4 Comments

We’re back with another gorgeous wedding-inspired manicure from our talented friends at Petite Peinture. Continuing on from last week’s “Something Old” mani, this one is themed around “Something New.”


Daisy of Petite Peinture explains her inspiration for the look:

“When I think of something new, I think of something that is more bold and non-traditional for a wedding manicure. I came across a really classy modern wedding cake and it reminded me of just that. I decided to recreate the design as a manicure.”


To mimic the design of the cake, Daisy polished each layer of the cake onto a different nail using a black, white, and gold color scheme. On the thumb is a hand-painted gold rose/floral pattern in Savoy (It Girl) over Brigitte (Classic with a Twist).


On the index and pinky fingers is a base in Jet (It Girl) with a lattice pattern in Daria (Bombshell), accented by a gold dot and topped with a sparkly top coat. And she finished it off with a simple gold dotticure on the middle finger, and a single gold rose on the ring finger, both in Savoy (It Girl) over Brigitte (Classic with a Twist).


SomethingNew5Says Daisy: “This is a little louder than the delicate look Rathy created for Something Old, but if you’re feeling like trying something new, maybe this is the look for you.”

This look screams “modern bride” to me, possibly for an art deco-inspired New Year’s Eve wedding—or maybe “modern glam bachelorette party”! What do you think?