Wedding Nail Art Tutorial: Something Blue

by Meghan Carlson | 0 comments

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and, finally, something blue!


Alas, we’ve come to the end of our bridal nail art series inspired by this old wedding adage, brought to us the insanely talented gals from Petite Peinture. But today’s look might be my favorite of the four. Bright and elegant, this nail art will definitely appeal to all the springtime brides out there.

Even if you go more traditional with your wedding day manicure, these nails would be such a stunning statement on the guest of honor at a spring bridal shower. Follow the steps below to get the look!

1. Start off with a base of Shelly (It Girl). Allow it to dry. Next, using a large dotting tool, add dots of Sienna (Classic with a Twist) to the top of your index and pinkie finger nails.



2. On your ring finger, dab little areas of Brigitte (Classic with a Twist) to create the base of Flower Color One.



3. Repeat the previous step, but this time using India (Boho Glam) to create the base of Flower Color Two. It’s OK if they overlap!



4. Next, take Jules (It Girl) and create curved lines within the dabs of white you created earlier, to gently add some shading.



5. On the blue flowers, add curved lines of Robin (Boho Glam) to create some shading.



6. Using Brigitte (Classic with a Twist), add some more curved lines to the blue flowers.You can even let the white blend in with other shading you created with India (Boho Glam). It’s up to you how you want your flowers to look.



7. Using a dotting tool, add three small dots of Savoy (It Girl) in the middle of each flower. Also add some gold leaves around select flowers. (Don’t add too many, or else it will clutter your nails.)



8. Repeat the florals on your middle finger and thumb to complete the look.



9. Allow plenty of time to dry, and then finish with your favorite top coat.




And for your Pinteresting pleasure, here is the whole step-by-step tutorial in one image:


Thanks so much to Daisy and Rathy from Petite Peinture for sharing their talents with us during this bridal nail art series! If you love nail art, definitely check out their blog. It’s full of gorgeous, easy to follow tutorials just like this one.