What’s the Beauty Buzz for Bees all About?

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We’ve heard about bee pollen making you a superhero version of yourself. But what if someone told you that bee venom is “nature’s Botox”? You’d probably be at least a little bit interested in finding out WTH, right?

Lady Beckham found out, and…Voila.

victoria beckham skin


Kate Middleton famously fell for it just before her royal wedding.


Kylie Minogue can’t get it out of her head.


And Gwyneth goops it on so it’s easy to believe that it’s a bona fide beauty secret (and super expensive).


Now, with luxurious bee-based facials & products finding their way into spas and salons, we find ourselves asking what’s all the buzz about bee venom? 


According to the pros, the answer is simple: All of the swelling and none of the sting.

Applying bee venom topically allegedly (some scientists are still skeptical) tricks your skin into thinking it’s been stung which causes minor swelling, effectively erasing fine lines. Ladies who’ve had bee venom facials report immediate & impressive results.

But how do you get venom from bees? Is PETA all over this?

No bees are hurt in this process. Venom is collected by placing a special plate into the hive which tricks bees into “stinging” the plate, but because it’s a hard surface they retain their stinger and leave only the venom behind. It takes about 20 hives to harvest one gram of bee venom, so if you’re queuing up to try this natural miracle, expect to pay a pretty penny for it.

And then let us know if it works!

(pssst. Hey VERMONT. Bee-loving beauty fanatics could really use your help on this one.)

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